Coyote Mad Seeds - Get Outta My Way EP

By David Lydiard

Sheffield based Coyote Mad Seeds have been around since 2007 where they originally formed as a four piece, but have been going strong as a power trio since 2011.  Their debut album Skin & Bone received a great reception upon its release in 2013 and they have supported iconic musicians such as Uli Jon Roth and Diamond Head.

Get Outta My Way is the latest EP from Joe Elsey (lead vocals & guitar), Chris Whitehead (bass) and Rik Smith (drums). So let’s get into it.

We kick off with “Extremis” and it’s odd time sounding riff. I don’t think it is in an odd-time signature but occasionally feels like it is. It has a cool groove to it though that makes you want to move your feet. The vocals take their time to come in but not in a way that drags out the intro. Joe’s vocals have a grungy snarl to them, and in some ways remind me of certain 80s Hair Metal bands and at times I got a Geddy Lee vibe. The vocals build up to a cool guitar solo in the middle. This is a cool rock song that I’d love to hear in a live setting.

Title track “Get Outta My Way” is up next and it has a really dirty, distorted riff. I love it. Sounds almost like a pig snarl. It’s an instant classic of a riff. Joe will be showing me how to play it. He just doesn’t know it yet ;)
Overall the song has a dark, grungy tone to it. Rik is eating the drums for breakfast on this and the band is in fine form. The chorus is an ear-worm for sure. My only gripe would be that I couldn’t necessarily make out the lyrics, but that didn’t hamper my enjoyment of the song overall. Top tune!

“A Reason To Live” is a hard hitter. It would seem that the band don’t waste anything and give everything to each song. The rhythm section of Whitehead and Smith provide Elsey with a solid foundation for which he can dive off from. Blistering guitar playing and impassioned vocals once again and we have another tasty guitar solo to enjoy. Would say that this is probably my favourite song on the EP. That riff!

To close out we have “Shock (The Cure).” This is a complete change of pace to what has come before it. For a start it clocks in over 7 minutes. It is given the required room to breathe. I am a fan of dynamics in music and a fan of slow burners so this was right up my street. Chris adds some additional vocals which helps set this apart from the previous three songs and adds a different dimension.
Joe is once again in great form on both vocals and guitar. There is a lot of emotion throughout this song and it shines through superbly. As I once said to the Mrs, don’t let the long length put you off(!)

This EP is well worth your time if you are a fan of dirty, sweaty rock music. The band cite some of their influences as AC/DC, Black Sabbath and Zakk Wylde and it shows. Would love to hear these songs in a live environment and would advise that you all do the same.



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