CROWN LANDS 'Rise Over Run' (EP)



Founded in 2015 and rocking their way through Canada, winning the 97.7 HTZ-FM Rocksearch competition in 2017, this duo of long haired psych-blues rockers deliver a very unique and individual sound with their music. Their latest EP ‘Rise Over Run’, released 27th October 2017, will have you questioning exactly how many people are in this band due the huge sounds that they manage to accomplish with just the two of them. Maybe the addition of a bass keyboard played with feet is the answer to this question! On lead vocals and drums is Cody Bowles while Kevin Comeau plays guitar and the bass keyboard... yes.. with his feet!


The EP as a whole has a wonderful classic feel with a modern twist, laced with blisteringly heavy drums that you could say feel frantic at times. The blues riffs with the edge of pysch-rock will entertain and pour over your ears in a delicious fusion of sound and energy, compacted into 6 tracks spanning 19 minutes of damn good music!


‘Constant Motion’ is a slow-moving behemoth of a track with clear, punchy riffs and distorted chords that propel the track through its ‘Nothing changes, nothing stays the same’ lyrics. The drums are relevant and rhythmic, but what I love most about this track is the echo of classic rock that seems to ooze from every chord, every strum of strings, every boom, every beat. Such a great track!


‘Misery’ picks up the pace and adds another layer to the music; it feels urgent and enticing, drawing you into the vocals and depth of sound that it encompasses. ‘Big River Road’ is probably my favourite on the EP. It has an old school late 60s classic rock feel, with its laid back opening that slides into a psychedelic style riff about half way through the track before returning to its laid back progressive sound. The vocals boom in the latter part of the track, heightening the intensity and driving it through to its close.


‘Leatherman’s Blues’ is the shortest track on the EP lasting only 2mins and 2 seconds. But in that time Crown Lands manage to cram in a lot! This track ups the pace from the previous as it accelerates at break neck speed, Bowles on the drums hammers out an intricate and compelling set of booms and clashes throughout while the vocals and riffs climb higher reaching a climax as the track comes to an end.


‘Mountain’ brings the pace back down with the opening distorted chords add an atmospheric feel to the track. It’s a track about the oppression of the Indigenous people of Canada, their plight, their fight and it’s a theme that holds significant meaning for Crown Lands. Great track and emotionally charged lyrics. ‘Waterfall’ feels aggressive and brutal in its delivery, the track dipping and rising with intensity, the rush of the vocals and the crashing riffs with tinges of psychedelic keys and a progressive rock feel that mixes the best of the EP’s individual and unique styles and blends it into an immensely satisfying finishing track.


Overall I really enjoyed how this album felt both modern yet classic, it touches on themes that such as where you come from, where you are going, there’s elements of adventure and a journey of self awareness buried within the music. It’s a lazy Sunday afternoon curled on the sofa relaxing kind of EP.


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Track Listing:

Constant Motion


Big River Road

Leatherman’s Blues




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