DAN REED NETWORK - ‘Fade to Light’ (Single)


Truth be told I hadn't listened to Dan Reed Network in years. Though they were always a band I liked, for whatever reason in recent years I hadn't paid them as much attention as perhaps I should have. This changed a few weeks back when I was at the Cambridge Rock Festival where they played a storming set and my admiration for the band was reignited.


So I was all too pleased when Dan Reed told the audience in Cambridge that there was a new album 'Origins' all set to land. With the new single 'Fade To Light' being released I couldn't wait to hear it. 


From the opening keyboard notes and the vocals kicking into the harmonies, this single instantly grabbed my attention. Dan Reed may be lead vocalist but guitarist Brion James, bass player Melvin Brannon Jr, drummer Dan Pred and keyboard player Rob Daiker all have impressive voices themselves although radically different to one another in tone. Like the many elements of Dan Reed Networks sound (hard rock, reggae, soul, funk) the voices complement each other perfectly. 


Brion James in my opinion is one of the most underrated guitarists out there. This song showcasing the more melodic, intricate side of his playing, that leads up to a powerful solo. With Melvin Brannon II and Dan Pred holding down a solid rhythm section and the sci-fi esque keyboard lines laying over the top courtesy of the very talented Rob Daiker. 


The video for this track was recorded during the recording process of the single and accompanying 'Origins' album, where the band invited fans into the studio to witness the song writing process. You can certainly feel the band working off the energy from the fans in the room, who not only contribute to the energy on this single but also backing vocals as well. This is testament to how much Dan Reed Network really do appreciate their fans. I'm sure that energy will shine through the rest of the album


I will certainly be paying more attention to these guys and hope to see them on the Origins tour with Mason Hill and Hollowstar in support. This will be a tour not to miss!


Dan Reed Network are:

Dan Reed - Lead Vocals

Brion James - Guitar

Melvin Brannon Jr - Bass

Dan Pred - Drums 

Rob Daiker - Keyboards


Find them at:



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