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Danny Bryant is a well established blues guitarist, and singer/songwriter from England. The new album ‘Revelation’ is a powerful, personal and emotional production from Danny, backed by a tried and trusted core group of musicians, and augmented by a full nine piece big band. This all combines to give a big powerful sound that works great on recordings, and will sound even better in some of the small venues for the upcoming tour.


The album, due for release on 20th April, is the fourth studio album Danny has released working with producer Richard Hammerton. It follows a difficult year for Danny, who has had to deal with the loss of his father, who played alongside Danny on bass for many years before retirement, and must have been a big influence and mentor for him on stage. As you would expect, this does give the album a dark side to it, and the lyrics do deal with painful emotions and memories, but then, the best blues music comes from pain and heartbreak!


As you’d expect the album opens with a dark ‘Revelation’, a song provoking images of the afterlife, and whether we should believe in heaven or hell. With references to his departed father, and questions of faith and belief, this is a thought provoking masterpiece with a superb guitar accompaniment that will have you on your knees.


‘Isolate’ follows on the theme of loss and loneliness that can be felt even when in a relationship. This time the keyboard kicks us off, then duals with a weeping guitar, combined with Bryant’s gruff vocals to produce a classic blues feel, with a modern lift.


The big band turn up for the ‘Liars Testament’ giving us the full range of sound this band of musicians can pump out, but even they can’t distract from the powerful lyrics and feelings screaming out at us like a television evangelist on a mission to save our souls.


Stripping things back to basics with just an acoustic guitar on ‘Someday The Rains Will Fall’ gives us an almost Springsteen feel to a track that wouldn’t be out of place on Sons of Anarchy.


But don’t think it’s all doom and gloom on this album, because suddenly ‘Truth Or Dare’ comes boogying round the corner like an encore from the Blues Brothers with Ray Charles on the keyboard, and a hundred passerby’s dancing in the street outside Rays Music Store. If your toes are not tapping along to this, you must be numb from the waist down.


And just to show the versatility of the song writing, ‘Shouting At The Moon’ follows on with a ballad that could be written for Bon Jovi. But before we get distracted by that, ‘Sister Decline’ takes us back on track to the down and dirty blues, with the full backing of the horn section, and a deep grinding bass.


There are so many great blues artists I could mention here as obvious influences on this album, but ‘May I have a Talk With You’ is straight out of the BB King songbook, even down to the style of not mixing guitar playing with vocals. King always said he could play guitar and he could sing, but he just couldn’t do both at the same time.


Final track of the album gives us a big send off with ‘Yours For a Song’, an epic love song with a classic rock ballad theme, which would be a grand finale gig encore any day of the week to send the punters home happy with their ears still ringing.


Band Members

Danny Bryant - Guitar / Vocals
Alex Phillips - Bass
Dave Raeburn - Drums


Track List:



Liars Testament

Someday The Rains Will Fall

Truth Or Dare

Shouting At The Moon

Sister Decline

May I Have A Talk With You

Yours For A Song





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