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‘Cage To Rattle’ the fifth studio album from North Carolina rockers Daughtry sees the band take another step towards the more mellow side of ballad pop rock. Gone are the days of the gritty rock tracks of their first three albums, their self titled debut (2007), Leave This Town (2009) and Break The Spell (2011), instead choosing to follow the more commercialised sound of fourth album Baptized (2013), which I have to say didn’t have me rushing to hit the repeat button either.

I miss the rock foundation that Daughtry seemed rooted in, tracks such as ‘Outta My Head’, ‘Crawling Back To You’, ‘What I Meant To Say’, ‘Tonight’, ‘Crashed’ and ‘Renegade’ with the driving riffs and heavy lines were my kind of tracks and, when it comes to Daughtry’s recent music, I really miss that original grit that they displayed.

Tinged with more electronics than wholesome guitar riffs, ‘Cage To Rattle’ is littered with those now signature anthemic commercialised ballads that cascade throughout the album, giving way to more pop sensibilities than rock qualities. ‘Heaven’, the album opener, isn’t exactly going to get the blood pumping as an opener should and personally I would have left this track for the latter part of the album.

As always Chris Daughtry’s vocals are stunning, there’s no doubt that vocally this album will blow you away with its soaring melodies and a display of vocal range that still stuns me now, but the angst and grit of the past that has fallen away as the band has evolved leaves me feeling slightly disappointed. The evolution of an artist isn’t always going to please every fan, with some they will evolve along with the artist, enrich themselves in the changes and roll with it, but for me this step once again into that mainstream sound leaves a slightly bitter taste for someone who has loved Daughtry’s grittier sound from the very beginning.

That aside, lead single ‘Backbone’ has some of that original grit touching the edges of the track, as does ‘Bad Habits’ with a more enticing and driving rhythm, the chorus soaring high so that will draw you in without a doubt and have you singing along. ‘Stuff Of Legends’ has a rich swagger, the guitars are chunky and the chorus will stick in your head. The riffs are truly awesome in this track and it renews my faith somewhat.

The anthemic ballads ‘Deep End’ and ‘Death Of Me’ are the kind of tracks that will enrich the soul and it’s difficult not to appreciate the beauty in them. ‘Gravity’ is probably the most stunning of the ballads. It starts slow but the theme behind the song really does capture the musical direction that Daughtry are taking in this new release. ‘As You Are’ is a romantic ballad, the kind that you know is going to top the list of many wedding first dances.

As a whole ‘Cage To Rattle’ has a deep rooted feel to it, the meaning of each song feels truly emotional and raw in delivery, the passion of the music etched into the very fibre of the tracks, so maybe this evolution is more of a step towards being true to the artists themselves and fully exploring this musical direction. I’ve got a feeling that this album is going to be one that grows on you the more you listen to it, and though at first listen I’m not wholly blown away I can’t help feeling that I’ll be revisiting the album at some point with hopefully, a different point of view.

You can pre-order ‘Cage To Rattle’ at the following link: http://smarturl.it/DaughtryCTR




Deep End

As You Are

Death Of Me

Bad Habits

Back In Time


Stuff Of Legends

White Flag

Daughtry are:

Chris Daughtry - Vocals

Josh Paul - Bass

Brian Craddock - Guitar

Josh Steely - Guitar

Elvio Fernandez - Keyboards

Brandon Maclin - Drums

Daughtry have announced UK Tour dates for October 2018 as follows:


12/10/2018 Bristol - O2 Academy Bristol

14/10/2018 Leeds - O2 Academy Leeds

15/10/2018 Glasgow - O2 Academy Glasgow

17/10/2018 Manchester - Manchester Academy

18/10/2018 Birmingham - O2 Academy Birmingham

21/10/2018 London - Eventim Apollo

Tickets are available through their website at https://www.daughtryofficial.com/

Alternatively check out them out on social media:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/daughtry/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Daughtry_News



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