DEAD RIVER KINGS - Jaded and Blind (Single)



Teeside 4 piece hard rock band DEAD RIVER KINGS deliver their single ‘Jaded and Blind’, released March 20th 2018, to the rock music scene. Made up of lead vocalist and guitarist Mark O’Hare, lead guitarist Rich Howard, bass player Jake Carr Smith and drummer Marc Walsh, this as of yet unsigned band are preparing themselves for the Semi Finals 2 of Bloodstock’s Metal 2 The Masses to take place on May 26th 2018 at Trillians, Newcastle.


Their first single release ‘Jaded and Blind’ is a track that is laced with some good guitar work and heavy bass which is an encouraging start for this new band. Production wise I would say that the vocals at the beginning of the track require more volume as at times they seem to get lost in amongst the instrumentation. While the vocals are quiet at times they are strong with a doom feel to them, the low gloomy delivery adding an atmosphere to the track. I do feel that the long intro could do with being cut down as I found myself waiting for the vocals to kick in, and after a minute I was beginning think that this track was purely instrumental. While I enjoy a good solid intro a prolonged one can detract from the intensity of the track.

The bass is heavy throughout, the rhythm has a good pace and the hooks are well placed, the variation in range from Mark O’Hare offers a promise of good things in the future and the guys on backing vocals add a good vocal depth to the track. I’m looking forward to seeing what these guys deliver next.


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