DEADEYES - Self Titled (EP)



Formed in 2015 and hailing from Ayr, Scotland this 4 piece Rock n Roll / metal band are hoping to make 2018 their year. And I have to admit, from the offset I’m seriously loving the heavy riffs that are being delivered by the boat load.

Made up of Scott (Bass / Lead Vocals), Deej (Lead Guitar), Scott (Rhythm Guitar) and Raw (Drums), Deadeyes paint a nice solid foundation to their music with heavy driving riffs and a chugging bass that draws you into every track, Their Self Titled debut EP was released on February 23rd 2018 and is available now.


‘Droon The Cunt’ is first up and the eerie intro really sets the scene and the mood for what’s to come. Dark, somber and heavy is the flavour that these boys dish up and instrumentally they deliver a great depth to their sound, all the while the screeching, churning sound of the guitars creating this atmosphere that really builds a great tension in the music. However, the vocals on the track really don’t work. It’s almost as if they’ve been recorded in a church or other empty building and the vocals drift into the track and get lost. There’s no solidity or potency to them which is a huge disappointment, especially considering the great way that the instrumentation has been set up.

‘Hell House’ begins with a spoken intro (Benjamin Franklin Fischer played by Roddy McDowall) from the film ‘The Legend Of Hell House’ - “Drug addiction, alcoholism, sadism, mutilation, murder, vampirism, necrophilia, cannabalism, not to mention a gamut of sexual goodies. Shall I go on?” which is overlaid by heavy drums before the rhythm, lead and bass guitars kick in. The instrumentation again works really well together, but the Ozzy inspired vocals unfortunately do little to add anything more to the track and just feel flat. The rhythm is heavy and inspired throughout, showing flair and depth which is promising.


‘Ashes’ has a slightly more upbeat feel to it, less sombre than the previous 2 tracks. The lead and rhythm guitars delivering a great dual sound. The bass is heavy and the drums deliver a steady saturnine beat. However, the solemn vocals have very little range in them, the tone is flat and the growling, screaming really don’t work for me at all. There are some interesting riffs towards the end of the track but not enough to save the track from the vocals I’m afraid.


‘Burn The Witch’ booms to life with the drums from Raz, the lead and rhythm guitars providing a solid rhythm to get the track moving, though the repetition of the same chords do little to inspire for the first 40 seconds of the track. Then, it really kicks into touch and the blazing, galloping riffs hit hard and heavy, fabulous! Again though, the vocals are lost in the track, set adrift from the instruments and falling flat, displaying no vocal range at all, yet all round them is the solid foundation of the instruments.


The material is there to work from, the foundation of the music hits hard and heavy throughout the EP, it’s just a shame that the vocals don’t match the calibre of musicianship.


Deadeyes are:
Scott - Lead Vocals / Bass
Deej - Lead Guitar

Scott - Rhythm Guitar

Raz - Drums


Track Listing:

Droon The Cunt

Hell House


Burn The Witch


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