DEADFLY - Demockery (Single)

Lindsay Smith-Boam


Hailing from Torbay in the beautiful South Devon area of the UK, Deadfly are a 4-piece band naming their main influences as Nirvana, Queens Of The Stone Age and The Doors.  Lee on vocals, Sweeney on guitar, Stu on drums and Jarvis on bass, describe themselves as a bluesy Grunge, Desert Rock band.  Hot on the heels of their EP release ‘Deadfly’, their new single ‘Demockery’ was released on the 18th August.  


A rhythmic drumbeat joined nicely by a funky groovy bass and a splendid melodic guitar riff open the track.  Lee’s voice has a wonderful blues tone mixed up with lashings of sludge as the vocal swims out of the gravelly guitar riffs and heavy bass, winding its way through the melody with a pissed off vibe.  The track gets stronger and the angst surfaces to the top more through the strong vocal delivery.  A solid good track with powerful political and social messages.


Check out the accompanying video


The band are; Lee on vocals, Sweeney on guitar, Stu on drums and Jarvis on bass.   


The single is available on the bands Bandcamp page: 


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