Deadfly EP Review


Lindsay Smith-Boam


Hailing from Torbay in the beautiful South Devon area of the UK, Deadfly are a 4-piece band naming their main influences as Nirvana, Queens Of The Stone Age and The Doors.  They describe themselves as a bluesy Grunge, Desert Rock band and this, their self-titled EP, recorded at Ocean Studios Paignton, certainly shows that they have crossed into a few genres and developed a great sound.


The band are; Lee on vocals, Sweeney on guitar, Stu on drums and Jarvis on bass.   Lee also writes the lyrics drawing on life experiences from politics to observations on modern life and personal struggles.  In an industry that seems to have seen a surge in solid British bands, this EP holds up very well and gives an enjoyable listen. 


‘Lowlife Crisis’ grabs your attention with a light guitar intro spreading into a rumbling bass and delicate symbols allowing the music to build before kicking in fully, pulsing and thudding throughout but allowing a wonderfully low throaty vocal to take the melody.  A good starter.  ‘Hindsight’, riff rich with a really enjoyable catchy beat, melody and lyric and full of head nodding funk.  A nice break in pace allowing a soulful, clear vocal full of passion and richness to take over before the pace and music picks up again to give a nice riff rich powerful ending.  The final track is ‘Possessed’, slower paced with a delicate, light, interesting intro and haunting vocal, attitude strewn emotions sung to a catchy melody and there are some lovely riffs cutting through.   


Deadfly seem to have gotten themselves a nice few tracks here.  Lee’s voice has something different in its gruff tone and there is a power and emotion in the song-writing which should see some success for these guys.


The EP is available on the bands Bandcamp page: - Their new single, ‘Demockery’ should also be out soon together with an accompanying video.



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