DEEVER - All Come Running (Single)



Whilst we are waiting for Deever’s debut album, they are teasing us with a second huge single ‘All Come Running’ hard on the heels of ‘Fire at Will’. On a first listen, it is a hard hitting, powerful track with more than a hint of ‘Muse’ influences. The heavy rock transports you to a weird yet wonderful place with its driving riffs and thunderous drums.


The bass intro is solid, heavy and would be a fantastic way to open a live set. It grabs the listener - instantly demanding attention. The lyrics are dark and images of haunted forests spring into the imagination as Will (Billy) Taylor’s vocals make your mind wander. The music is original and full, with fantastic musicianship from the whole band. The instrumental middle section varies in tempo - calm, heavy, and a quite second punctuated by a single, unexpected but perfectly placed ‘dink’ on the ride.


Billy Taylor (Guitar and vocals) said “It’s great to be writing in a completely unrestricted style and environment again. We aren’t writing to please anyone; we’re writing and recording what we’d like to hear. ‘All Come Running’ is great fun to play and hopefully it’s just as fun to listen to! Tony Draper has done an awesome job engineering and mixing this stuff and we can’t wait for everyone to hear more!"


Deever has a great sound that has a modern twist on classic rock. It is made for the 21st century music fan. The band are so obviously doing what they want - writing and performing music that pleases them, and they are doing it well. I can’t wait to catch them on one of their live gigs coming up this December.


‘All Come Running’ is released on Friday 10 November 2017, and is available on all digital platforms. In addition, there is a lyric video to accompany the single on You Tube




Deever are:


Wil ‘Billy’ Taylor – Vocals / Guitar

Phil Appleton – Bass / Vocals

Dan ‘Higgy’ Higgins – Drums / NOT Vocals

Stevie Stoker – Guitar / Vocals


Check them out at:


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