DEEVER - Alright (Single Review)



If you don't know Billy Taylor, where have you been?! Ex-Inglorious, Billy started DEEVER in March 2017 with a few mates from his native North East. The band are modern and fresh, with a completely different sound to the classic rock of Inglorious, and are led by Billy on vocals and guitar.


Joining Billy are Stevie Stoker (check out the mass of blonde hair on this gorgeous dude) on guitar, Phil Appleton on bass and Dan 'Higgy' Higgins on drums, and it's very much a joint effort. The band have released two singles to date, 'Fire At Will' and 'All Come Running', which were both well received by fans, old and new, and by critics. After a run of dates supporting Mason Hill and a number of festival appearances, word is spreading and the band are getting a good following as a result of their driving riffs, infectious melodies and irrepressible stage presence.


Rather than the same old, safe classic rock, Deever have really got a distinctive, modern and animated style which is evident from the first note. 'Alright' is a rock-indie-punk blend which is incredibly catchy, contemporary, and full of powerful riffs and ridiculously good vocals. Once again, Billy lights up the room with his guitar but now it's his voice which takes centre stage and captivates you. The vocals soar upwards and don’t come back down. The bass is huge! The track is gritty and sexy, and the groove is compelling. The sound is more cohesive than the previous singles, which suggests the band are growing together and have developed a deeper chemistry. It's polished and well-produced but not overly-manufactured - it's still authentic and natural sounding just very well put together.


The guitars can be felt deep in your chest- always a great sign - and the drums pound, creating a strong rhythm section with the deep, growling bass. This track packs a big punch, dynamic and intense, and is ridiculously cool. I'd buy the album based on this song alone. And I do love Deever. Deeply.



Wil ‘Billy’ Taylor – Vocals / Guitar

Phil Appleton – Bass / Vocals

Dan ‘Higgy’ Higgins – Drums / NOT Vocals

Stevie Stoker – Guitar / Vocals



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