DIRTY MOONSHINE - Toxic Waltz (Single)

Gloria Gardner


If you like some grit in your music and dust in your soul, Johannesburg’s Dirty Moonshine can lure you in and capture your immediate attention to make you an instant fan. Founded in 2014, the band consists of Roy Epstein (Vocals and Guitar), Allan Lancaster (Backing Vocals and Lead Guitar), Dave Freedman (Backing Vocals and Bass Guitar), and Wez Hitchin (Backing Vocals and Drums). Destined for commercial success, Dirty Moonshine is a band to watch out for.

Depicting the tug and pull of engaging in a “Toxic Waltz”, Roy’s raw, throaty, and sexy vocals tell us a story in the bridge that we have all encountered at some point in our lives… “Why does something so bad have to feel so damned good. Turned my world upside down like I never knew it could”

A thumping bass line accompanied with driving drums in a rockabilly fashion, just makes you want to sway your hips, to the tight, punchy, guitar-driven hook heard throughout the song.

A dark and compelling track that makes the listener want to swagger and groove to their badass version of “raunch ‘n’ roll”, it offers sheer honesty and raw edge that makes you want to beg for more. I admit I’m hooked. Nice to hear something fresh and new. For some reason, I hear it in a Tarantino flick...hmmm?

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