DIRTY ORANGE - The Short Story About The Lady Of The Night EP

David Lydiard


Dirty Orange are a London based rock band consisting of George Wilkins (lead vocals & guitar), Scott Thompson (bass) and Connor O’Shea (drums).


We kick things off with Creature Of The Night with its fuzzy riff that recalls Tom Petty’s Runnin’ Down A Dream. The Arctic Monkeys influence shines through on this track, lending the song a familiar feel without treading too deeply into rip-off territory.


Too Much bounces along with a frenetic energy and catchy chorus that you can’t help but sing along with. Anxious guitars interlock with the racing drums to create a raw and vigorous sound.


Iron Maiden-esque galloping drums start things off on Julie You Ain’t No Clara before a harsh pick scrape breaks it up. A thin-sounding buzzsaw riff comes in as George almost croons his way through the entire song.


For the most part this is a stripped down, rock record with a punk edge to it. The band are clearly influenced by Arctic Monkeys and it does come through at times, most notably on the EPs opening track. At times I felt that the guitars could do with some beefing up and the overall sound lacked a certain precision, but those things are personal tastes and are also something that Dirty Orange may look to address on future releases.


If you are a fan of Brit-Rock and like your music with a punk vibe, then you should definitely check out The Short Story About The Lady Of The Night as it is the start of what hopefully will be a long and fruitful journey for these three lads from London.

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