DIRTY THRILLS - Heavy Living (Album)

Lindsay Smith-Boam


Dirty thrills are a quartet formed after a drunken jam in a local pub which sounds like the beginning of one of those history lessons of one of the iconic rock bands and it’s perhaps a story to remember. 


Their new album, ‘Heavy Living’ was released on 14th September and was on first listen more than appealing and I listened again and again hearing something new in each track.  It’s always nice to be blown away by something different and yes in theory you can categorise this band in the rock /blues genre but it isn’t quite as straight forward as that.


This is an album full of hard rock vibes with soul, delightful blues tones and an air of yester-year.  Gritty riffs, groovy bass, skilful drumming and simply wonderful vocals, the tone of Louis James’s voice and his range is amazing. There is swagger, energy and emotion in the playing not just in the vocal and you feel through the music that these guys love what they do.


‘I’ll Be with You’ has wonderful gritty riffs and an old school rock feel but the variance within the track takes it to another level. It’s a great start and opens the door to ‘Go Slow’ catchy opening which proceeds to throw a pretty awesome snarly blues riffs and a wonderful vocal directly into your face. ‘Law Man’ has a catchy chorus and great beat. ‘Hanging Around’ has more of those wonderful, zeppelin feeling riffs and is full of swagger and groove. ‘Lonely Man’, words fail me – just take a listen.  So soft and emotional – one of those goose-bump giving tracks with such a delicate touch to the music, supporting and surrounding never taking over completely. The guitar solo from Jack is equal to the skill of the vocal. ‘No Resolve’ heavy grooves and an energy which pulses through.  ‘Interlude’ is a haunting breather before the heaviness and swagger struts back in the room with ‘The Brave’ followed by ‘Rabbit Hole’, melodic and riff ridden with an overwhelming feeling of classic heavy rock crashing into delightful blues. ‘Drunk Words’ is full of attitude and burrows firmly into its slugging bass line and crashing drums before proceedings are brought to a close by ‘Get Loose’ which has such a catchy feel that I could remember the chorus long after the track finished.


Well produced and mixed, ‘Heavy Living’ has everything a hard rock / blues fan could wish for.  Rip it up riffs, hand claps, screams…yep it has it all!  Well done to Louis James, vocals, Jack Fawdry, guitar /backing vocals, Aaron Plows, bass and Steve Corrigan, drums.


Track list:  


 “I’ll Be With You”
“Go Slow”
“Law Man”
“Hanging Around”
“Lonely Soul”
“No Resolve”
“The Brave”
“Rabbit Hole”
“Drunk Words”
“Get Loose”


​Produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by: James Loughrey​ at Monnow Valley Studio.



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• Official Website: http://www.dirty-thrills.com/

• Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DirtyThrills

• Twitter: https://twitter.com/DirtyThrills

• Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dirtythrills/

• Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/5wDJA6WnqUgGomZGyPY9nH






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