DISTANT BONDS - Self Titled (EP)



From distant shores, bonded only by their desire to create music together and undeterred by the distance between them, alt-rock trio Distant Bonds (see where the name comes from?) deliver their debut self titled EP for all to lavish their ears upon.


Work and study took the trio to distant corners of the world; namely Japan, UK and USA, so I guess that weekly band practice was a little difficult to say the least, but that hasn’t hindered them from self-producing an EP and now, all together in London they are set to deliver some delicious tunes to the alt-rock world.


Full of gloriously addictive tracks, encompassing both strong vocals in ‘Chuck The Bass’, with its deep thundering bass line throughout, to the delicately expressive vocals in ‘Our Souls’ and swathed in abundant harmonies, you’ll find a host of sweeping riffs and rhythmic beats that Distant Bonds produce in an EP full of warmth and vigour. ‘Everything I am’ is a true summer felt anthemic ballad, beautifully crafted and delivered in such a way that you’ll feel like you’re drinking in the sunshine. The electronic sections weaved into the track lift the tone, the vocals are rich and full of range displaying Ray Hikari’s hugely varied vocal capabilities.

‘Defender’ has more of those perfectly placed keys, the beat is infectious with engaging hooks and an urgency to the rhythm through the peaks of the choruses that dissipates during the dips in the verses, the change of pace elevating the overall feel of the track. ‘Tonight’ feels like an ‘80s inspired track with its electronic intro and as a whole the track has a very retro feel to the instrumentation. Vocally it soars, as does the whole EP.

A blindingly good debut EP for anyone who enjoys the uplifting quality of the alt-rock sound with vestigial amounts of commercialised pop interlaced through the abundantly layered riffs and hooks.


Distant Bonds are:
Ray Hikari - Vocals / Guitar

Mario Simanovsky - Bass

Kay Erodotou - Guitars


Check out more from Distant Bonds at:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/distantbonds/
Website: https://distantbonds.com/

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