DOOMSDAY OUTLAW - 'All That I Have' (Single)

Gloria Gardner

Founded in 2012, UK’s Doomsday Outlaw released their latest single “All That I Have” from their studio album “Suffer More” on July 28, 2017.

Great anthemic arena-rock track oozing with southern grit. Strong lead vocals that are sung with conviction, however intonation of lyrics makes it hard for the listener to hear the storyline of the song. Catchy melody which has a great hook and flows well into a memorable chorus. A riff-laden, crunchy rocker that is viable in today’s market and has the potential for commerical success.

Recently signed to Frontiers Music SRL, the home of many great rock acts, the band is locked away in the recording studio working on their new album scheduled to make its debut in Spring 2018. Looking forward to watching the growth and development of this band in years to come.

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