EDENTHORN - After The Storm (Single)

By Samantha Lloyd


As of late a very dark blanket has been cast over the music industry with the untimely and tragic deaths of some of our most beloved singers and songwriters, namely Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington, two artists who from the outside seem to very happy, have families that they loved and who loved them, who despite acknowledging their mental health issues failed to overcome them and chose to take their own lives. Mental health is never an easy subject to talk about, and the constant battle in the mind of someone who suffers with any mental health issue doesn’t always have to result in suicide, there are people who can help. No one is alone. But mental health doesn’t just affect the individual; it affects everyone who feels a connection to that person, an entire family, and set of friends, co-workers, and in the cases of Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington, fans all over the world mourned for their loss.


Edenthorn have experienced this kind of loss too. Formed in 2013 and hailing from Durham, UK, this 4 piece rock band took to writing ‘After the Storm’ after the death of a cousin, and released the track on 5th September 2017 as a means to raise awareness for mental health issues. It’s a melancholy alt-rock ballad that truly captures and documents the empty hole and feeling of helplessness that one feels when we lose someone from our lives in this way.


The track begins slowly, Dylan Gardner on the guitar leading us into the lyrics ‘Woke up this morning and without a warning, life as we’ve known will not be the same. You leave us in the rain’. It’s gentle and mournful through the first verse, the clear and meaningful vocals from Kyle Tague propelling the track through some very difficult and truthful lyrics, ‘I can’t explain the way it goes. Where have you gone? God only knows. I hope you find...  your paradise’.

The problem with mental health is that no one can see it, ‘we couldn’t believe it or ever foresee it’. The track maintains a sombre beat throughout the verse and chorus before reaching the 3 minute mark whereby the beat and rhythm begin to build, intensifying, the vocals becoming raised, Mark Tague on the drums building the beats until they are booming, while the lyrics from Kyle ring out in repetition ‘You’re not alone! You’re not alone!’ The bass from Faiba Gabrielle is heavy and full of depth; adding to the sombre feel of the track.  Such an incredibly moving song that has been delivered in such a woeful yet beautiful way.


‘After the Storm’ is a very powerful, very emotionally charged single that explores mental health and the aftermath of suicide. It carries a very clear message to those that suffer - YOU ARE NOT ALONE! please reach out to someone and don’t suffer in silence.


Edenthorn are:

Kyle Tague – Vocals

Dylan Gardner – Guitar

Faiba Gabrielle – Bass and vocals

Mark Tague - Drums


Check the out on their Website: http://edenthorn.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/edenthornband/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/edenthornband

Sound Cloud: https://soundcloud.com/edenthornband

Twitter: https://twitter.com/edenthornband

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/edenthornband



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