EVA PLAYS DEAD are a British rock band taking the scene by the throat right now, having toured extensively over the last couple of years, with some high profile support slots including Skindred, and are now ready to release their second EP, 'The Fix'. Described by some as the British Lzzy Hale, Tiggy Dockerty fronts the Nottingham-based 4-piece with enormous vocals, blending hard rock with a slice of punk attitude and infectious energy. Eva may be dead but rock n roll certainly isn't. I loved their last release so I'm excited to hear this!


The opening track, 'Spin', sees a cathartic release of anger, Tiggy's effortlessly powerful vocals are deliciously dark and ferocious, yet still irresistibly melodic and sweet as a sugar donut. The music behind the vocal is not to be missed either, not overwhelmed at all but a colourful backdrop, with some very tasty guitars. The song is full of lush harmonies and poignant lyrics; "oh god what have I done, I feel so numb, I got that feeling inside…"


'Get Back' is the most recent single release from the EP and is altogether heavier. I get the feeling her soul is laid bare in a track which melts your face off. The beat gets into your mind and is relentless, with sweet riffs and glorious soaring vocals, and another infectious chorus. The drums are immense, the bass grumbles and the guitar is exciting and dramatic; the band fleshes out their impressive melodies with pure rock n roll musical arrangements. I love the very literal lyrics to this, I can so relate as can most of the population; “I'm a little fucked up, yeah…”


'Colours' is my track of the EP, more huge vocals, uncompromisingly catchy and melodious, with a touch of attitude again and compelling instrumentals, with subtle yet exquisite bursts of guitar and clean riffs. The beat is insuppressible - high octane hard rock infused with punk and a little taste of grunge. I can't get enough of this track.


The first single off the EP, 'Bones', is alt-rock meets punk meets pop and simply doesn’t let you go from start to finish. The vocals are syrupy-sweet sounding yet tough and fiery, the chorus is genius in that it climbs in your ears and works its way through your brain where it then sets up home. This track has great commercial appeal without losing the quality and strength of either the vocals or the instrumental.


'Monogamy' has a bluesy tinge to the gentler vocals at the start, which rise up to indignant then soar to pure rage. Accompanied by fierce drums and merciless riffs in a catchy and memorable shot of dirty rock n roll which hits you with the force of a neat double of sailor's rum. Love it.


The EP certainly lives up to the hype. The band's sound is beautifully melodic, often confrontational and always blazing hot; written, sung and played with great passion and indisputable talent. The bass is gorgeous and the drums imposing, the lead guitar feeding us glorious riff after riff. Time to take over the world, guys. Eva ain't dead, she's just resting.


The Fix is due for release on April 27th 2018.




Get Back





Band Members

Tiggy Dee - Vocals

Matt Gascoyne - Guitar

Zach Shannon - Bass Guitar

Seb Boyse - Drums






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