EVERYDAY HEROES 'The Other Side Of Nowhere' EP

Samantha Lloyd


South Wales hard rockers Everyday Heroes are back with their second EP ‘The Other Side of Nowhere’ and what an EP it is!


After winning the Steelhouse Battle of the Bands in 2016 at Fuel Rock Club in Cardiff, the quartet from Newport  opened the stage at the 2016 Steelhouse Festival, then went on to churn out a self entitled 4 track debut EP that was edgy, packed with huge riffs and effortless vocals. Consistency is key in the rock world so once you find a sound that works you stick at it, you flow with the momentum and you keep going, you don't stop working for it. EDH certainly seems to be taking the fight to the fans. They have built a solid fan base and I’m without any doubt whatsoever that any fan of theirs will be excited about this new EP. 


We slide into the first track ‘Storm’ with a slow easy build up, a harmonica that soothes the eardrums before the heavy drums (Jay Haines) and bass (Lewis Watkins) kick in followed with a good heavy opening guitar riff. Luke Philips’ gritty, edgy vocals hit hard and I just love the hooks and changes in tempo that occur throughout the track.

‘Little Bit Of You’ is again heavy on the drums and bass, the chorus is catchy with alluring hooks and attention grabbing riffs that remind me a little of Black Stone Cherry , but it’s the vocals that really grab my attention on this track. They seem to really roar and demand attention.


‘The Ballad of Robert Johnson’ is the heaviest track on the EP that attacks the senses with a bludgeoning blast of heavy drums and bass that relents only slightly in order to catapult us into the chorus. The riffing prowess of Daniel Richards and Luke Philips is evident throughout the track as they decimate my ears and slam down a heavy hitting track that ticks all the right boxes. Booming rock and I love it!


‘Take Me Home’ continues the momentum of the first 3 tracks with the heavy drums and bass line. It sustains a catchy and engaging rhythm with some exhausting guitar riffs that blows me away and if this EP could speak it would ask the fans ‘What will it take for you to take me home?’ absolutely banging track!


Finally, we come to ‘The River’ which has a much slower start than the previous tracks with enticing easy riffs and strong grainy vocals. An incendiary blast of drums assaults my ears before dropping off into the gentle melodic riffs and engaging vocals again. Then the build and the boom of the drums, a hard resurgence of the stellar guitar riffs that dominate this EP explode again before dropping off to allow the vocals to really resonate through taking the track to its conclusion.


Everyday Heroes have put together a heavy romping rock EP that makes a solid statement about how serious they are about rock music and their future as a rock band.  They’ve produced 5 very well written hard rock tracks that contain a plethora of heavy riffs and a well rounded structure that just oozes quality production and a definite promise of their future in the rock scene. Absolutely brilliant EP, full of maturity and roaring rock! I’m going to adding this EP to my Spotify playlist for sure.


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