EVIL SCARECROW – Chapter IV: Antartarctica



It seems like a hell of a long time that EVIL SCARECROW dropped ‘Hurricanado’, the first single from their new album - and a brief bit of research shows it has, in fact, been over two years now. That’s quite some tease. 


Now it’s only speculation but a large proportion of that time may have been spent writing their press release. A weighty tome clocking in at around War and Peace length, it certainly gives an insight into the, frankly, bonkers world of EVIL SCARECROW. Trust me, press releases with this much depth are not the norm, but that’s not surprising really as this band are in no way normal. As they tell us within a minute of the opening song ‘Skulls of our Enemies’ they “break the mother-flipping rules”. By the second song in, they are reminding us of that well-known Martian invasion of 2017…what do you mean you don’t remember it? Although in fairness to the band when they wrote the song 2017 was still the future. That’s that two year press release again...


Factual accuracy may not be their strong point but four albums in EVIL SCARECROW have pretty much perfected their own special brand of lunacy. The comedy elements are woven into songs that hold their own even if you’re not paying attention to the lyrics. The tracks therefore stand up well to repeated listens, nothing kills a joke quicker than if it’s repeated four or five times in a song’s chorus but EVIL SCARECROW avoid that pitfall, preferring a deft, daft wit throughout the songs to overt punchlines. Often the most obvious gags are placed within spoken word, expository sections that aid the b-movie cinematic feel to the songs and also helpfully lay out the basic plot of the tracks which may otherwise get lost within the harsh vocals. Unfortunately using this approach as often as they do leads to some of the songs feeling a little formulaic and getting lost within the album as a whole and perhaps a couple more strong choruses could have lifted these songs beyond the ordinary. That said, songs like the epic, expansive and dynamic final track ‘Antartarctica’, the aforementioned ‘Hurricanado’ and the bonkers-but-brilliant ‘Gus, Zag and the Turnip King’ prove they do have some serious song writing chops to go with the gags.


It is the live environment that is EVIL SCARECROW’s bread and butter, however, and as they are now big enough to headline festivals such as Amplified and tour in good sized venues across the country, the album has more than enough mosh-friendly moments, quality tunes and moments of laugh out loud silliness to suggest they’re only going to get bigger. And frankly it’d be worth catching them live if only to see how audiences cope with the tongue twisting singalong of ‘Cosmos Goth Moth Gong’. In short this album is EVIL SCARECROW doing what they do best and it’d be hard not to enjoy that.


Now if you’ll excuse me I’m up to chapter 12 in the press release and I’m about to find out about a ‘Polterghost’...


Evil Scarecrow are:

Dr Rabid Hell, vocals, guitars

Brother Dimitri Pain, guitars

Kraven Morrdeth, bass

Princess Luxury, keyboards

Ringmaster Monty Blitzfist, drums


Chapter IV: Antartarctica is out on the 28th September. You can follow the band here:




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