FAHRAN - State Of Mind (Single)



If you have failed to notice this Nottingham outfit in recent months then I hope your time on the international space station was spent well. Fahran continue to climb into the stratosphere with every live appearance and the release of new single ‘State of Mind’ fires up the thrusters and makes the final push to another solar system.


Matt, Jake, Josh, Chris and JR are a hard rock force to be reckoned with, drawing influences from global legends Shinedown and Alter Bridge. Their genre is difficult to tie-down but be assured, they are energetic, tight and powerful with a melodic edge that works well with the punched staccato breaks in this offering.


‘State of Mind’ is released in advance of their newest album ‘Vapours’ and opens with a sublime guitar melody that sweeps and dives before the crashing hi-hats take us into an introspective  tale of how the low points in life can be overcome with a little help and understanding. The subject matter will resonate with many and given their growing fan-base, will no doubt be more than a song to some.


The song builds, slows and lifts again with a clever structure that maintains the energy without becoming simple or predictable. The middle eight (in old money) is very much a thing of the past in today’s material and Fahran understand the need for originality by weaving a passionate rhythmic build to a tone-tastic solo that glues the story together well before the emotional end where the point of the story is made once again.


When a band as active as Fahran are about to release an album, they must maintain interest and if they can – create excitement. ‘State of Mind’ achieves both and importantly, will be momentous on a stage. With live shows starting to appear in the diary for 2018, I’d make sure you catch them so you can say you were there back in the day...before they were huge!


‘State of Mind’ is released on 13th December 2017 and is available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and Google Play.


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