FALLEN TEMPLES - 'The Future We Left Behind' EP

By Samantha Lloyd


Inspired by the big riffing albums of Led Zeppelin and Ozzy-era Black Sabbath, with a splash of modern rock from the likes of Rival Sons and Soundgarden, comes the debut EP 'The Future We Left Behind'  from Cardiff boys Fallen Temples. No wonder these guys have earned themselves a place at the finals of Highway To Hell! Formed in 2015 Fallen Temples have compiIed a 20 minute long EP that is laden with heavy drums and bass, huge riffs and some seriously catchy vocals. I might just have to get myself a ticket just to catch these guys live and see if they can recreate the magic of the EP in a live setting. I love this EP already!


Fallen Temples have laid down a feast of seriously engaging riffage from Adam Vaughan (guitar/vocals) and it's hard to imagine that they are only a trio as they certainly don't lack any depth to their sound. Joe Lewis (bass/vocals) throws down the gauntlet in the rhythm section along side Joe Stirland on the drums bringing together a truly awesome EP that just demands attention!


'Cut the Wire' is the first track and it's a huge opening song that really hooks you in from the go with a riff and drum combination that builds up to the vocals that quite simply dominate, enthrall and leaves my ear drums in complete raptures!


'The Hunt' is another groove laden track that has more bounce to it, it's faster and it's more progressive through the melody and bass combination while maintaining the catchy vocals and thumping beat of the drums. At around 2 minutes 10 there's an awesome riff that builds slowly then carries the song back to the chorus before coming to a full and satisfying conclusion.


'Touching The Void' has me bobbing my head around and I can certainly 'feel the need inside' to keep listening to this track.  It has a sound that is almost hynotic in a sense that it draws you in with the beat and takes you on a thrill ride through the vocals and hammers you to death with old school heaviness.


'Eternal Drift' is the final song on the EP lasting 7 minutes and 9 seconds of what I can only describe as pure pleasure! We start off with a beautiful melodic bass and guitar riff, I can hear the high-hat tapping quietly while the vocals start, keeping the rhythm slow and steady while the drums begin to build until we are thrown into the full strength of the track. Then we're back into the slow and steady part of the song, the pace dropping off before rocketing back into the chorus. This track has an endemic of riffs from Adam Vaughan and Joe Lewis that just bond together so seemlessly as the track kicks it up a notch into a heavier bass section and I'm just addicted to how great this track sounds (I have to be honest, it's my favourite from the EP!). The changes in tempo and the mix of soft melodic and heavy bass have me addicted to this track, I'm going to drive the neighbours crazy listening to this on repeat!

These guys should make a serious contender for the HRH Highway to Hell finals and I for one can't wait for the next EP to come out.


Checkout the HRH Highway to Hell page and go buy a ticket to the live finals on Friday 1st  September 2017 @ The O2 Academy in Sheffield: https://www.hthrocks.com/finalists.html.

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