Falling Nine - Sustain & Release EP

Naomi Jeremiah


So today I thought I would take a closer look at the 2016 EP release 'Sustain & Release' from Falling Nine. Some of you may be familiar with their name, as Falling Nine was founded by The Gig Gals very own Guest Reviewer, David Lydiard. Though most of you may not be familiar with them at all. Falling Nine is a Melodic Rock band hailing from Cardiff, Wales. Since its inception, Falling Nine has been joined by a few collaborators, but Lydiard and Steve Watts have been the consistent members across all of the bands releases. Together they create musical magic, blending genres including those of Classic Rock and Pop. With each of their releases having an entirely different sound and feel, Falling Nine are a fresh and interesting band to listen to, with the 'something for everyone' approach.


Following on from their 2009 Album 'Sound Machine', the EP ' Sustain & Release ' has 4 reflective, soul searching songs dressed in hard hitting melodic rock, showcasing the bands energy and ability to rock with the best of them. Lydiard sings his heart out throughout the EP. This guy is a talented lyricist and just has a captivating way with words, knowing he has dug deep for every single one. So onto some well crafted melodic rock tunes, awesome musicianship, some tight production and songs that will be stuck in your head for days......


' Sustain & Release ' opens with 'Hollow', and instantly you are hit with Rob Hollands epic, riff heavy guitar work, which  whilst maintained throughout, is overlaid with Lydiard's beautiful vocal tone. It has at times an early 90s, classic rock influenced sound. Hollow was originally written in 2005 and had more of an Incubus vibe on the verses before being completely overhauled to the more metallic riff presented to us today.

'Do It' has a heavier sound, but I hear more of the 'Pop' influence in this track, which is an interesting combination. At times, Lydiard's vocals remind me of Darren Hayes of Savage Garden, so takes me on a trip down memory lane, as used to love listening to this band. Lydiard refers to this song as "Chorus, Chorus, Chorus", and has said that it was influenced a little by A Day To Remember.


'Nightmare ' is edgier with an awesome and catchy chorus line, and great arrangements. This tune grabs you at once an leaves you whistling it for days. This is my favourite track on 'Sustain & Release'! I will even put my hands up and say that I have had days where I have just played this particular song on a loop! Did I mention the awesome and catchy chorus line? Nightmare started out with 'Eagles' drums, and 'Chili Peppers' funk licks and was more guitar orientated until Watts got hold of it and made it more 'synthy'.


'Crucified ' is edgy but feels more ballad-y in comparison to its predecessors. The drum line sounds heavier in this track, and at times takes your attention away from what are quite heartbreaking lyrics. On the whole it's a beautiful song, and although different to the others as written during some 'dark days', it fits well with them when featured on this EP.


'Sustain & Release' is a melodic rock masterpiece that contains plenty of hooks, catchy choruses and memorable melody lines. Along with Falling Nine's other releases, this is a band that manages to combine a wide variety of diverse musical styles, passionate song writing and incredible musical talent.


It really does make me wonder why Falling Nine don't have more followers on their Twitter account (@Falling_Nine), or more 'Likes' on their official Facebook page (@FallingNineBand). So get yourselves over there, follow them and smack that 'Like' button and help to spread the word of FALLING NINE!



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