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FALLING RED are a Cumbrian-based rock band who describe themselves as "lifeblood heavy rockers and metallers" and are (co-founders) Rozey, Dave and  Shane, and Mike, who joined the band later. They don't take themselves too seriously, have wild untameable hair, and industrial-strength make-up but they continue to display the grit and determination to get themselves heard. They've appeared on the same bill as Ugly Kid Joe, Sebastian Bach and Steel Panther, and say they love the live show; “All we wanna do is take our fans with us, on our tour bus, forever…” After a very successful Pledge campaign for their previous album, Falling Red have used the Pledge platform again to fund 'Lost Souls', due for release on 16th March, 2018.


The album opens with 'The Darkest Day (Intro)', comprised of an echoey spoken-word delivered against a haunting melody, just shy of a minute in length; a cinematic baptism of fire. A stand-out track, 'The Day I Lost My Soul' is a catchy, anthemic, arena-ready showpiece, a master stroke. The drums are explosive, the bass hard and heavy, and there is a mouthwatering, finger-licking good guitar solo; it's modern hard rock with grit and mettle and I absolutely love it. Fuck. Me. The lyrics describe a struggle keeping a sense of yourself through an emotionally-charged lead vocal; "You took the fire out of me, I'm not the man I used to be". I admit to listening to this track many times before I grudgingly moved on. Perfection.


'Digital Disguise' doesn't let up and keeps me entranced through 3 and a half minutes of banging rock music, which is surely from some massive stadium-filling American band…No. Cumbrian. The vocal is tormented and intense, the instrumentals exceptional yet again, and the riffs relentless. The bridge is effervescent; "Please tell me you like me, please tell me I'm great…" Again, I don’t want to move on, but I must or this review will take me about a month to write. I need to sing alongside Rozey and rock the fuck out to 'Alive', a contemporary track with a nasally vocal, raw and sensuous, which builds pace toward an all-consuming chorus. This track asks a question I have asked before, "Are you alive, or are you dead behind the eyes?" (we all know someone…) That bass though! How have I not fan-girled over this band before, they're amazing.


'My Town My City' is an alt-rock gem with resonant lyrics about childhood memories, hopes and dreams, which starts with a simple acoustic guitar and incredibly melodic vocal. The instrumental remains top-notch and exquisite keys are introduced after the first chorus. This is a song about reminiscing and roots, how you might seek to escape from your social environment but it shapes you and you learn to appreciate it for what it's worth. It's endearing and meaningful, memorable and fun, and I challenge you not to sing along. This will become an anthem in any city the boys play. Another thumping track and available as a video. Hell yeah.


One of my favourite tracks on the album, 'Hell In My Eyes' is irresistible, exciting, irrepressible, and downright addictive. It's a stellar track which I have had on a loop now for about an hour and can never seem to move on from without at least a few listens. A staunch throbbing drum beat leads you into the powerful chorus and a gnarly guitar leads you back out the other side; “That’s when you see the Hell in my eyes. No matter how hard you try, you’ll never keep me down". Sheer quality. My son keeps telling me to be quiet (oops). 'In My Head' is another favourite of mine, with a theatric, melodramatic vocal and a rhythm section that pumps life straight into my brain stem. This is another stonking chant-fest, a plat du jour exploding through my headphones.


'Dead' and 'War In The Sky' are 3-minute bangers, hard and heavy with growling vocals and plenty of aggression. 'Dead' contains more chanting - "Dead. Dead. Dead..." - and a beautifully simple, understated guitar solo, while the chorus for 'War In The Sky' could be misheard (have a listen and see if you agree or if I have a really dirty mind) - once heard it can't be unheard. Both are class tunes. 'Enemies' is another anthemic classic, with a retro classic rock feel in places, and some sterling instrumentals and layering.


'Beautiful Lie' is a phenomenal ballad which starts with a tender guitar, a bit folksy, and has that sublime nasal vocal in a divinely catchy chorus; "And you're caught up in the moment of a beautiful lie". The pace and heat ramp up for the third chorus then slow again for the last line. So damn melodic and just brilliant. Now to party with 'Haunted', a hearty romp with meaty guitars and another killer chorus. They just keep coming! The short yet commanding closing track, 'For The Haters', is a dynamite song which says "F*** you" to anyone and everyone who has ever doubted you or made you doubt yourself; "I'll always be better than you…this is my f*** you". Genius. And if anyone has ever bullied these guys then woe-betide you as they are headed for the big time. And yes, f*** you.


This album is remarkably strong and diverse, mixing melody, through stirring velvet-infused vocals and first-rate musicianship, with cutting and meaningful lyrics which are relevant and sincere, as well as quotable and memorable. The band's sound is a winning combination of heavy rock, metal, sleaze and punk, and this is undoubtedly their most compelling expression of their creativity to date. What an exciting start to the year. Buy two copies, just in case!



The Darkest Day (Intro)

The Day I Lost My Soul

Digital Disguise


My Town My City


Hell In My Eyes

War In The Sky


Beautiful Lie


In My Head

A Song For The Haters



(Andrew Roze) "Rozey" - Vocals / Lead Guitar

Mikey Lawless - Bass / backing vocals

Shane Kirk - Rhythm / Lead Guitar / backing vocals

Dave Sanders - Drums / backing vocals



Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/fallingredofficial/

Twitter - https://twitter.com/FallingRed

Web - http://www.falling-red.com/



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Hasta La Victoria (EP)

Shake The Faith (mini track album)

If You Don't Get Down With The Rock (album of demos from the period before Hasta)

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