FALSE HEARTS - Cynical Love (Single)



False Hearts are a young 4 piece rock band from St Ives near Cambridge. They were formed last year, 2016, and have already developed a strong local following.


They are headed by Emma Hodgson on lead vocals and guitar, Ali Westwood on lead guitar, Adrian Biggs on bass and another Adrian, Adrian Bowes on drums. In style their music is more accustomed to melodic rock with a touch of Halestorm and Voodoo Blood.


I was impressed with this new single. It starts off brilliantly with a quiet rhythm guitar and drums and then kicks into a really great riff which I love.


Emma then comes in with the vocals and the track builds up to a strong chorus. The lyrics are easy to follow and seem to relate to a slightly toxic relationship but they flowed well with the track and were neither over or under powering


It’s a very short track at only 2 minutes and 52 seconds long and that certainly left me wanting more. There is no guitar solo during the track or a repeat of the great instrumental riff we heard at the beginning played again which might disappoint some but I just solved that by putting the track on repeat.


Emma’s vocals are good and strong and I think this new single shows how much they have matured since the release of their first EP in February and already at such an early point of their career. As musicians they are really good, the riff is great, and the bass and drums are solid. I will be looking forward to hearing further new stuff next year when they hope to release a second EP.


Cynical Love is released as a single on 17 November and will be launched at The Junction in Cambridge when they are supporting fellow St Ives rock band, Hollowstar.

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