Michael Bruce


So, FATE’S RIGHT BAND from Sweden; heard of them before I ask you ? Nope, me neither.  Formed in 2013 when the current members enlisted vocalist Jonny Lindkvist and during 2015 the songs you hear on this EP were written.


What you have here is not typically Swedish Rock as you would expect.  Its jam packed with harmony guitars, big choruses and a nice melodic tone for the listening palette.


Starting with MY WORLD IS FALLING you get a typical mid to up tempo song starting with a nice guitar break before the verse kicks in.  Personally I would have liked the vocal track to be a little more prominent in the mix as it’s a nice melody.  Reminds me of Bonfire a little and the songs kicks on with the guitars giving a nice lead part at every opportunity but not that loud that you can’t hear the vocals....nice touch and it certainly keeps you interested in the rest of the song.


BLACK HEART OF STONE is a little more jangly and slower tempo and keeps the train rolling in the right direction before what I guess is the title track SMILE kicks in, nice verse before what I can only describe as a pre-chorus and verse that has tinges of Hanoi Rocks in there, bear with me, remember this is just the reviewers opinion, I’m not a fan of the continual tom tom hits from the drums...takes away from the drive of the song.


Fourth song on the EP is WE CAN FAKE IT, another slow/mid tempo song, nice easy track to listen to, nothing fancy on it and won’t tax your brain.  A nice solo in the middle as well. On to the EP closer I WASN’T READY, I can’t help wanting this song to kick into another gear, sadly for me it just doesn’t get to that point, certainly the verse raises the interest a notch or two, still a decent song.


For me the first song is the stand out one from the track and the rest just don’t live up to that.  Don’t get me wrong it’s not all bad; it’s nothing groundbreaking either but when you get something  that’s right and works for the band,  why do you have to change it.  Look at AC/DC, Iron Maiden for example.......anyway...good luck to these guys and I’m sure we all look forward to the next instalment.

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