FEAR ME DECEMBER - ‘Crystallized’ (EP)


Four blistering groove-heavy tracks burn the alt rock flame brightly from Manchester's FEAR ME DECEMBER, in their EP 'Crystallized', set to be released 7th September. 'Fight Me' launches straight in with thunderous drums, a good bassline and pop-punk tinged vocals. The song teams a heavy instrumental alongside a seemingly little girl voice; candy floss laced with vodka though, this girl kicks ass.


'Not Wired The Same' and 'Crystallized' show off catchy riffs and incredibly irresistible and repetitive choruses which burrow deep into the brain are accompanied by infectious melodies, some tasty guitars, the rhythm alongside lead guitar adding further texture, and glittering vocals with an extra punch. 


The tracks rise and fall in tempo, alternating between hard rock, punk and grunge sounds, between light and dark, heavy and gentle, demonstrated well in my stand out track 'This Is Not OK'. This song is seriously invading my soul right now, I love it more than donuts!


The EP harnesses some serious instrumental skills as well as Victoria's delicious vocals, and suggests to me that these guys are one to watch in the next 12 months or so.



Fight Me

Not Wired The Same

This Is Not OK




Victoria - Vocals, Bass Guitar

Valentín - Lead guitar

Stuart - Rhythm guitar

Antony - Drums






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