Fear The Fallen are a guitar-driven metal band featuring the accomplished talents of Christian Slater (vocals), Sam Crowther (rhythm guitar), Dan McNally (lead guitar), Matthew Dearden (drums) with the low-end supplied by Rob Upton (bass). Avoiding the vocalist’s obvious name check, the band’s hometown of Darwen in Lancashire claims a part in musical history as the home of Bee Gees guitarist Alan Kendall. If you prefer to be listening to Saturday Night Fever, then this ain’t the band for you however as they deliver a thick and heavy slab of metal with their upcoming release ‘The Order’.


‘The Order’ is a concept work with a story rolling and weaving through 16 tracks on what is a strong album spanning metal, hard rock and metalcore genres. The album seeks to tell a story as a whole rather than delivering individual tracks. This demands consistency in both style and flow and the album achieves this through sound musicianship, where the guitars drive most of the songs whilst allowing Slater to compliment the work melodically. Tackling a concept album is always a challenge and many of the greats have taken this approach only after securing the success of earlier releases so ‘The Order’ demands a critical ear.


FTF approach the challenge with musical prowess and manage to draw the listener close from the start opening with an atmospheric combination of guitar and keyboard. ‘The Life’ sets the scene for what is to come and adds a grim message through the national emergency broadcast, warning of an end-of-days scenario. The album moves through the events of a dystopian collapse of society where ‘The Order’ seizes control in a plot that Orwell would have recognised. Painting this picture relies on strong tracks such as ‘Voices’ and ‘Limitless’ where shades of early NWOBHM work alongside more modern chops. Indeed, ‘Forget Me Not’ opens with what initially reminds the listener of some of Metallica’s more introspective works.


The album plot is bonded together with more recorded spoken word with ‘The Fight’, ‘The Dark’ and ‘The Rise’, each of which remind the listener of the hopelessness of the situation described. This works relatively well in terms of the story and atmosphere but it could be argued the band’s music does this lyrically anyway. Stand out track ‘Fade Away’ offers a change in tempo and feel with a ballad of sorts that brings out Slater’s true talent. The soaring vocals work well with the classy guitar work – both supporting the faster paced songs well.


The overall composition and musical ability is evident with that chunky, riff-driven feel that works so well on stage. The album is a formidable product with power, passion and a noble objective that support the view that Fear The Fallen have a lot to give. With some solid professional support, these guys can flourish and given their engaging outlook, they have a decent chance on lifting to the next level. They are clearly focused on producing high quality music that spans genres and will draw a broad audience given the right opportunities.


Give this a listen. It’s different from a lot of music being produced just now and I’m sure most will find something that they like on the album.


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Track Listing -

The Life

Rise & Defend

What You Believe

The Fight

Powder, Plot & Treason


More Than You Can Take

The Dark

Fade Away



Forget Me Knot

Cut The Ties

The Rise


No Regrets

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