Feral Sun - Evacuate

Cerys Rhiannon


Rocking out hard in London is the brilliant Feral Sun. Their style is gritty, hard rock inspired by the likes of Stone Sour and Alter Bridge, two fantastic bands I'm sure you'll agree, so imagine their baby and you get Feral Sun.


There's Mick Burns on Vocals and Guitar, Marco Lo Coco on Lead Guitar, Alex Nikitin on Bass and Jay Stephenson on Drums. Their debut album 'Evacuate' features heavy riffs and strong, punchy vocals that are particularly dominant in the title track 'Evacuate'. If you are looking for something more chilled out and melodic then 'Breathe' is the one to listen to and it is great for a more sombre mood. One of my favourite tracks on the album is 'Long Road' due to its screeching guitar, vocal harmonies and grunge undertones.


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