FLICKERTAIL - Hurry Up and Wait (EP)



Some music can feel like a breath of fresh air, Flickertail’s newest EP ‘Hurry Up and Wait’, released on the 16th March 2018 on Golden Robot Records, is just that. Light and engaging with hints of pop rock and indie all intertwined together to deliver an uplifting EP that is interlaced with appealing riffs and absorbing choruses.

From the far away shores of Sydney, Australia, Flickertail (formally The Bitter Sweethearts and formed in 2014) deliver us an appealing EP “through screaming Les Pauls and thunderous drums” we are told a story from the perspective of 4 young men who are hanging out together, no money to do anything except sit with each other and watch Braveheart, drinking beer and getting excited about the EPL Highlights. There are clear indie vibes throughout the EP heavily influencing the sound that they produce, captivating vocals and engrossing riffs that drive you through each track respectively. If you want something lighthearted and upbeat, not dreary in tone or mood, yet intricately and lyrically mature then Flickertail are just up your street.

The intro for ‘Let There Be Love’ and the subsequent riffs that ensue throughout are meticulously delivered from Whelan and Johnny Goldrick, their dual guitars sizzle, contrasted by the calm laid back feel of the overall track. The contrast is delicious. ‘Talk’ is a little more melancholy from the offset, exuding a forlorn kind of feel while lyrically exploring a more emotional side, “I won’t let you drag me down with you.” The rhythm retains the sombre feel through the lyrics while the riffs pull the track into an upbeat, fast paced delivery, all the while the drums and bass laying down solid rhythm to complement the track.


‘Fade Away’ opens up with a slightly more Oasis edge to the delivery, the almost spoken lyrics sounding very Gallagher-ish through the verses, the bridge and chorus taking on a more speaking melody that softens the track. The jutting riffs add a nice edge to the track, while the harmonies complement the easy flow that has so far been punctuated throughout the EP.

‘Green Eyed Girl’ opens up with... is that the opening riff from The Darkness’s ‘Don't let the Bells End?’ Surfacing amidst the obvious comparison here are inspired vocals and meticulously delivered riffs, the drums wielding a great rhythm throughout, keeping the upbeat roc / indie vibe.

The final track on the EP, ‘Back Of My Mind’ has a nice swagger to the opening intro, the vocals taking on a raspier tone while the juxtaposed bass from Matt O’Callaghan and drums from Marcus Fraser with the accompanying guitar riffs from Goldrick all work beautifully together to deliver a well crafted, nicely defined rocking track. That indie vibe is still prominent under the layers that Flickertail deliver so effortlessly.


A great EP, delivered with vocals from Liam Whelan that are clear with a raspy undertone and spot on harmonies and drum beat executed perfectly from Marcus Fraser. A interesting and engaging listen for sure!


Track Listing:
Let There Be Love


Fade Away

Green Eyed Girl

Back Of My Mind


Flickertail are:

Liam Whelan - Lead Vocals / Lead & Rhythm Guitar

Johnny Goldrick - Lead & Rhythm Guitar

Matt O’Callaghan - Bass

Marcus Fraser - Drums / Vocals


Find out more from Flickertail at their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/flickertailtheband/

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