Florence Black - II (EP)

Lindsay Smith-Boam


Florence Black are three lads from South Wales, Merthyr Tydfil to be precise.  Tristan, Fozzi and Perry have made waves establishing a firm fan base, and with more appearances coming up including HRH and Steelhouse Festivals, their new EP has recently been released to the delight of head nodding rock music enthusiasts everywhere.


The opening track, ‘Burn’ is full of guitar riffs, grimy vocal, solid drumming all at break neck pace.  The stops are spot on – tidy and short, the track is an awesome opener.  ‘The One’, gritty guitar leading in the drums and awesome thudding bass.  This track is musically as tight as a duck’s arse – perfect timing throughout and for me the strongest track on a pretty damn good EP.


‘Down’ with its gentle guitar opening and beautiful light melodic vocals give a brief interlude before the full-on rock kicks in building throughout the track to hard rock heaviness with some stunning riffs. Catchy lyrics and a great vocal, this has all the hallmarks of a great live track.  


‘Smoke’ the guitar riffs leading into drums and bass all working together to give a dirtier feeling track which is again tight musically.  The varied feel of the track from anger to despair flow through but that guitar rumbling through then breaking into more melodic riffs before heading back down to the dirt and pulsing its way through the vocal is stunning and clever.


The band have a clear identity with solid song-writing and riff laden consistency, I do hope there’s an album coming shortly….


Catch them live and support great British hard rock at its finest.

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