FLORENCE BLACK are a power trio unleashing hard rock from South Wales since 2013. Tristan (vocals and guitar), Fozzi (bass) and Perry (drums) are childhood mates and formed the band while still in school. Florence Black is already one of the most sought after bands on the UK festival circuit and the band have toured with Stone Broken and Skam, and have secured a support slot appearance alongside Stone Sour and Skindred, plus they are set to make another appearance with Stone Sour on their European tour in June this year. They released their long-awaited (well it certainly felt that way but probably wasn’t actually that long) third and final EP, the aptly named 'The Final EP', at the end of April.


Right off the starting block, the catchy hook and growling vocal of 'Change' grabs me, heavy rock with a crunchy guitar and pounding drums blasting my face off. I've loved Florence Black since I first saw them with Stone Broken a couple of years ago, and I have their other EPs, but this is another step forward for them in terms of quality and production. Tristan - with those puppy dog eyes I love slightly ever so much - moves between a raw, earthy growl and some of the most melodic vocals to grace the scene, delivering driving riffs with his trusty Les Paul, accompanied by a resonating drum beat and deep, warm bass.


'The Ride' has an indie/grunge taste to it, with a little psychedelia to the vocals - "trees are green, so am I today…" It's a deliciously trippy start and this is a song that is impossible to sit still through! There are chunky guitars and hard and heavy drums, and a short guitar solo. My only (and that is only teeny tiny) feedback is that I would've preferred the drums to take more of a back seat during the guitar solo, but that's my personal preference as this is a belting track!


'Breadfan' was surely written for Florence Black?! Their cover of the Budgie track from the 70s, about a really bad relationship with money ("bread") is the story of my life. Florence Black's cover is HD quality with brutal energy and grimy vocals (which are sexy) blowing the original out of the water, and for many out-reaching the Metallica B-side cover from 1988. The guitar is funky, the drums pulsating, and I can "feel it in my veins" when it slows pace at around 3 minutes, before a killer roar! The band pour so much passion into their delivery that it's infectious.


Skindred vocal legend Benji Webbe features on 'Gunshot' which is perhaps the heaviest track on the EP, an incredibly enigmatic song with gang vocals and dirty riffs. It's a monster of a track with hard-hitting lyrics and catchy as hell! The bass is thunderously deep and booms in your chest, growling like a beast not quite tamed. The tone is heavy and the content dark. Love love love this.


'Hasta La Vista' is anthemic with brutal drums and a bass which sits neatly in my throat. The riffs are heavy and the hook unshakeable. These guys are original and creative, with their own sound and technique honed; this is a band you can really get excited about. I've started a full on argument with myself, which I can never win, about which is my stand out track of this EP. This, final track is a fore runner but then so are the other songs! They are all stored in my mind, repeated at a will that I don’t seem able to control. Anyway, another belter and a strong closing track.


From start to finish, 'The Final EP' is a total romp of a record, with new intricacies discovered with each subsequent listen. Florence Black have yet again given us a killer EP laden with passion and raw energy, and this is their best, most satisfying EP to date. I do love Florence Black, as much for their music as our mutual lack of filter and outspoken ramblings. Bring on the long-play album guys! This is a must-see rock band and you really need to add their EPs to your playlist. What are you waiting for?...



Tristan Thomas - Vocals and Guitar

Jordan Evans (Fozzi) - Bass

Perry Perk Davies - Drums






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