Lindsay Smith-Boam

Fractions are a heavy melodic metal band from Leicestershire.  Formed in 2010 through their individual involvement around the music scene in other bands, this is surprisingly their first EP release and it’s a melodic, metal energetic, explosion of delightfulness.


‘Wolf Inside’ starting with soft piano and rain lulling the listener into calm tranquillity but then the ear bashing starts – machine gun paced drums, grimy guitars and an angry death growl interspersed with a melodic light tuneful vocal. Very contrasting – light and dark tones and emotions finishing with that beautiful piano, which then prickles the hackles with some distortion reminding you that the tranquillity is just a rouse. This is a real strong opening to the EP.


‘Beyond Infinity’ Straight into the aggressive vocal full of anger and rage twinned with the melodic tuneful ‘other’ vocal and sits above the heaviness of the music.  Catchy chorus, great hooks, crashing drums, riffs galore.  A demonstration of how good musically these guys are.

Another light intro for ‘Radiant Wings’– grooves running through the guitar riffs.  Less angry in feel, rumbling rhythm ebbing below the roar of the vocal before again the melody runs over the top.  ‘Interlude’ is exactly that – an atmospheric soft instrumental allowing a deep intake of breath before ‘The Owls Are Not What They Seem’ smashes through causing the senses to yet again be bombarded and challenged.  The vocal arrangement of the metal growl and light melodic clarity are awesomely intermingled and the rhythm riding riot through the guitars is breath-taking.  I adore this track – again the catchy lyrics resound long after the track finishes. 

‘Forces’ brings the EP to a suitable conclusion with more powerful lyrics, more powerful aggressive playing and clever tempo changes.


The band reached the final of Metal 2 the Masses in Leicester in May this year and they received rave reviews for their live performance. I’m happy to say I think this EP deserves rave reviews also.

In fact I’m still questioning how and why this is their debut EP – I’m a little in awe of the whole thing from the vocals, musicianship, engineering and production!  Bloody brilliant!...



Fractions are: Chris Hare – Vocals

Steve Humphreys – Drums

Anthony ‘Coggy’ Coghlan – Bass

Lee Geary – Guitar

Chris Johnson - Guitar


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