FUTURE THEORY - Fractured Nation (Single)



Lincolnshire's FUTURE THEORY got together in 2015 and their debut single in 2016 was selected by Fender for their best of September 2016 playlist. Their debut EP later that year was described as “ambient and moody” with touches of Radiohead and Soundgarden. Their latest single, 'Fractured Nation', was released April 27th 2018.


The track is certainly ambient and atmospheric, other-worldly and ethereal with a tortured melancholy vocal surrounded by gentle waves of skilful distorted guitar work and understated drums. The style is difficult to pinpoint as it seems to be a seamless synthesis of old-school indie, contemporary alt rock and psychedelia. The vocals are moody but not without passion, and blend really well with a stunning backdrop of music which at times makes the hairs on your arms stand to attention like little soldiers.


This is a layered and multifaceted song which stirs emotion and pulls you along as it ripples and billows until it closes with one single long guitar note. At times, it can feel quite "trippy" hence my reference to psychedelia; "Zone in zone out. I feel the whole world slipping inside out." This is different and quite exhilarating, though I'm not sure where they'd fit commercially - but something tells me they aren't really bothered about that. Great track.


Max Sander - Rhythm guitar and vocals
Chris Moore - Lead guitar
Rohan Parrett - Drums
Rex Helley - Bass



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