Gasoline Outlaws -                                                  No Rules, No Laws, No Regrets

David Lydiard

Gasoline Outlaws formed during 2014 in Belfast, Northern Ireland and consist of brothers Matt (vocals) and Chris (bass) Fitzsimons, Adam Parkin (guitar) and Ryan Hood (drums) (Adam Callaghan played drums here). There is a lot of great music coming out of Northern Ireland and Gasoline Outlaws are no exception. Their debut album No Rules, No Laws, No Regrets is a heavy rocking affair that should set pulses racing and get a lot of attention from rock fans the World over.

Opening track “Nothing on Me” sets the mood right away with a catchy riff, big drums, a massive hook and a standout vocal performance from Matt. Oozing with Classic Rock swagger, “Nothing on Me” ensures the album starts off on the right foot and entices you in, making you want more.

“Lie” is slightly heavier and gives you the first chance to really give your head a good bang! There is an anger within that sees the riffs hit hard and the lyrics spat out with vitriol and venom. It is a solid, rocking song that flattens the listener and the first real glimpse of me hearing Matt sound a bit like Blackie Lawless from W.A.S.P. which may put some off to be fair, but not this listener.

“The Shrouded Wolves” races along at a pace that wouldn’t be out of place in the NWOBHM era. It has a vibrancy and energy about it and a groove that bounces along. Things slow down a tad with “Stand as One” but it’s a song that still manages to maintain its rock groove and features a pretty decent chorus. It is a rallying call to not slip back into past mistakes. Adam’s guitar solo serves the song well and lends it a muscular edge for what is essentially a “lighter” song.

The riffs and the sludge return for “Come On” as Parkins’ guitar snarls its way throughout. Callaghan and Fitzsimons’ rhythm section lay down a tight, solid foundation which allows the guitar to act as ying to Matt’s vocal yang. For me, the band sound great when they are laying down a good groove, a good riff and rocking out with the best of them.  This is Hard Roc sleaze at its finest. “Outlaws” appears to be the bands theme tune and it is amongst the standout tracks on this album. It’s a fast paced, hard rocking anthem that you can’t help but sing along with and move to. It is a definite statement of intent for sure.

Not that you needed to wait until “Ready to Fly” to realise this, but Gasoline Outlaws’ songs are propelled forward by the riffs of Mr Adam Parkin. But, not only that, the rhythm section are so good that they allow Adam the freedom to do his thing which in turn allows Matt to do his. “Ready to Fly” isn’t particularly special on the face of it, but it is still a solid rocker with a catchy chorus. In fact one of the pleasing things about this album is how memorably catchy the chorus’ are. On anyone else’s album it would be a standout, but here it sits comfortably in the middle.

We venture into power ballad territory somewhat with “Someday” next with its slow tempo and muscular guitars. It is songs like this that are necessary to avoid the album sounding rather ‘samey’. For me, I prefer this over “Stand as One” which I thought came across as a bit cheesy at times. “Someday” has an almost Southern, Blues tinged vibe going on and it has to be said that the guitar work on display here is superb. Gasoline Outlaws can’t slow things down for too long though as we’re straight back into crunching riff mode on “Heart & Soul” – a homage to the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle. The chorus is infectious, the riffs are heavy, the drums and the bass groove like a mutha. It is a great rock song showcasing everything you could possibly want from a rock band.

The album closes with “Rising Up” and it’s more of the same that came before it and a good way to close up what is a truly superb debut album. Gasoline Outlaws are not reinventing the wheel when it comes to rock music, but they are putting their marker down, making a name for themselves and are one of the frontrunners in the burgeoning Northern Irish music scene.

If you like your rock with a dose of sleaze, riffs you can sing along and air guitar to, solid rock grooves and vocals that soar then you would be wise to add No Rules, No Laws, No Regrets to your music collection.

With songs like this, they are an absolute must to see live. I get the pleasure of seeing them perform at Wildfire Festival in June and I cannot wait. If you get the chance to see them, go for it.

They have an awesome, brand new single and video out for a new song “Breathe Again” which you can view HERE and purchase HERE

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