GIOELI - CASTRONOVO - ‘Set The World On Fire’


If, like me, you love a bit of classic melodic rock, indulgently revisiting yesteryear with arena powerballads and soaring vocals, you will love this album! There is a real mix of fast-paced and slower, mellower songs, each with a signature pounding drum beat and lush vocal interplay between two of the best rock singers still around.


When brothers Johnny and Joey Gioeli formed Hardline in 1991, the band consisted of five members, Johnny Gioeli, Joey Gioeli, Neal Schon, Todd Jensen and Deen Castronovo. 27 years later Gioeli and Castronovo are reunited under Frontiers and release their debut album, 'Set The World On Fire', driven by a strong rhythm section, crunchy guitars and immense vocals from both Gioeli and Castronovo. The album features Alessandro Del Vecchio on keyboards, Nik Mazzucconi on bass and Mario Percudani on guitar.


There are smooth vocals, relentless beats and powerhouse vocals, with harmonies to die for, filtered throughout the album, Del Vecchio's beautiful keys featuring heavily as well as some catchy riffs and awesome guitar solos from Percudani. The combined talent on this album is divine and culminates in a wondrous piece of vintage melodic rock gold, shifting between ballad and more up tempo tracks seamlessly, and with more impressive vocal acrobatics than your average rock band could muster.


The title track, 'Set The World On Fire', is high-octane with driving guitars, while 'It's All About You' features a stunning piano intro and is pure unadulterated ‘80s melodic rock joy. There is a cover of Lady Antebellum’s ‘Need You Now’ which was a surprise to me but they make it their own whilst remaining faithful to the style and intent of the original.


'Through' has a stunning melody with a short yet powerful guitar solo, 'Remember Me' oozes style from the first beat of the drum, ‘Ride Of Your Life' featuring Castronovo on vocals has a slightly different edge and retains the big beat and huge vocals, rising to anthemic and singalong choruses. 'Let Me Out' is a gorgeous acoustic track to close the album, full of emotion and simply stunning, which rips your heart out of your chest and stamps it into the floor.


I'm a lifelong fan of AOR, classic and melodic rock, firmly believing that this genre can still teach us a lot about rock music. I still listen to Journey and Dio. And I love this album with all my rock-chick heart.



Set The World On Fire


Who I Am

Fall Like An Angel

It’s All About You

Need You Now

Ride Of Your Life


Walk With Me

Run For Your Life

Remember Me

Let Me Out



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