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GO PRIMITIVE are a 4-piece rock band from Warwickshire. The band's first EP ‘100 Ways’ was released in late 2015, which gained them support from BBC Introducing, and led them to play the Introducing stage at Glastonbury 2016. The band have also had great support from Radio 1, Kerrang radio, and Scuzz TV, and have toured with the likes of Mallory Knox, We Are The Ocean, Fort Hope, and Lonely The Brave.


‘A Different Person' is the second single from their upcoming debut album ‘Choices’, released on February 23rd, on which they worked with Romesh Dodangoda (Bring Me The Horizon, Bullet For My Valentine, Stone Broken). Having enjoyed the first single ‘I Want More’ I was excited to hear the next offering and jumped at the chance to do the review for DTFM.


The song is basically about two-faced people, and the video is playful and fun featuring the central character attending a seemingly bog-standard job interview which descends into a surreal and chaotic adventure. Frontman Tomm E. Williams explains, “It is a lighthearted play on people's 'different person’ or alter ego. It’s a fun play on what could be a serious subject, showing that people have different sides to them”. I've been sent the video for the review but I found this distracted me so I played it with my eyes closed a few times, to get a real feel for the music. Then I enjoyed the show…


The track instantly fires up the imagination, even without the aid of the video, with a striking guitar riff, luscious, warm drum beat and one very melodic vocal. The lyrics are very cleverly-written, in that they are simple and memorable yet still meaningful. We all come across those people who appear to be one thing but turn out to be in fact quite different, and so the track is relatable to the listener. Williams has a lovely tone, highly-listenable across genres and commercially-attractive, with a subtle strength and that slight edge that makes it more interesting. The vocals are harmonic and the cohesion of these with the music is both fluid and entertaining.


The track is nicely soaked in percussion, with stand out moments for drums and bass as well as the a-typical guitar solo. Just after the 2-minute mark, the bass really zings and, along with a solid drum beat, leads into a nice lead guitar solo, just enough to suit the style of the track and not overdone. This is repeated at the end of the song. Nice touch.


The song is ultimately really bloody catchy! As I mentioned, the lyrics are picked up easily, and you cannot help but perform alongside the band. I knew there would be hair-flicks even before I saw them in the video. I replicate this every time I listen to the song. Except my hair isn't quite so great… pfft!


This track is a slice of rugged pop/alt rock with a series of addictive hooks and riffs and a rousing vocal. It's a little more mainstream than I normally listen to but hey I love it! Two singles down…I might as well pre-order the album now. If you are looking for a bad ass,  alternative-rock band then take a look at Go Primitive.











Web - http://goprimitive.co.uk

Facebook - @GoPrimitiveUK

Twitter- @GoPrimitive

Label: On Your Own Records

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