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‘When Legends Rise’, the seventh studio album from Godsmack released on Spinefarm Records, stands as a metaphor for the challenges that life holds at times for us all, the knock to the floor and the subsequent raising from the ground by using your inner strength to pull yourself together, pick yourself up and get on with things is the message that is delivered from the Massachusetts quartet.


Changing tack slightly yet retaining the heaviness that they are so well known for, Godsmack offer up a feast of self reflection that, for the first time in their careers, has included collaborations in their writing process. John Feldmann, Erik Ron and Sevendust guitarist Clint Lowery have added their individual slant to the mix. This, in my opinion, has only served to allow Godsmack to grow as a band. The time between previous album 1000 HP, Erna’s solo album HOMETOWN LIFE, and this new release has no doubt seen changes transpire within the bands personal lives and those life events have shaped When Legends Rise in a way that opens them up to a more diverse audience while still holding onto the core that make Godsmack so appealing.


The album has grit and booming rhythm beginning with album opener ‘When Legends Rise’ laying the tracks for the rest of the album which meanders between mid tempo tracks such as ‘Unforgettable’ with its “woah woah” intro and sing-a-long sections, to the fast paced tracks of ‘Bulletproof’, the first single release from the album, where you’ll find a sound that suits every mood. ‘Under My Scars’ is the closest that fans will get to a ballad with its stunning piano intro and soft emotionally raw vocals that will pierce even the coldest of hearts. The intensity accentuated by the building of the drums and the soothing strings sections that push the track unto the line of ballad territory, yet not fully stepping into it.


Full of those customary anthemic pleasers with hooky deliveries and huge choruses, tracks such as ‘Take It To The Edge’ with its soaring vocals, the thunderous ‘Someday’ and chugging bass heavy ‘Every Part of Me’ will satiate the fans, while the heaviest and closing track on the album ‘Eye of the Storm’ booms through the speakers, pummelling the drums and bass, delivering heavy driving riffs which channels the aggression and gritty vocals of Erna perfectly, “In the eye of the storm I’m making my stand!”

When Legends Rise looks to be a key milestone in the bands career, a critical moment that will no doubt give them a boost with not only their long standing fans but with new fans too, propelling them forward onto the next step of their career. Godsmack are “Shedding all my skin to start again” (‘Someday’) and that is what any band needs to do every once in awhile. Shed the skin, reform, build a new and progress from that point with a maturity and clearer vision to see a new path laid out ready to walk upon.

When Legends Rise was released on 27th April 2108 on Spinefarm Records.


Godsmack are:

Sully Erna - Vocals and stuff

Tony Rambola - Guitar and vocals

Robbie Merrill - 4 String thing - Bass

Shannon Larkin - Drums and concussions

Find out more from Godsmack at:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Godsmack/
Website: https://www.godsmack.com/

Track Listing:

When Legends Rise



Every Part of Me

Take It To The Edge

Under Your Scars


Just One Time

Say My Name

Let It Out

Eye Of The Storm

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