GOLD PHOENIX - There's No Illusion Here (EP)


Surrey based rockers Gold Phoenix released their sophomore EP ‘There’s No illusion Here’ on May 7th 2018, and I can confirm that indeed there is no illusion here at all, just pure solid rock n’ roll to sink your teeth into.

Forming in 2014 the band have released a self titled EP, 2 singles and have made appearances at several festivals in England, including Tramlines, Southcider and Pangalactic, they’ve secured slots on four BBC Introducing shows, they’ve toured the UK twice and they’ve undergone a 10 date European headline tour in February and March this year. And, if that isn’t enough they’ve done this without the aid of a label or management company, choosing instead to push themselves, promote themselves and manage themselves from the get go.

‘There’s No Illusion Here’ is full of driving basslines that are infectiously rhythmic, accompanied by by blistering guitar riffs and bluesy, fuzzy guitars that are laced through every track, not to mention the distinctive raw, edgy vocals from Jamie. Their sound is solid and bold, which gives the impression that these guys have taken the time to construct a solid foundation to their music prior to putting together this newest EP. Their sound has matured from their earlier releases, growing in substance and they've developed a sound that is distinctively theirs instead of trying to be someone else, they are purely themselves and it shines through in their music.

What strikes me the most about this EP is the strength of each song, there’s no filler tracks, and from first track ‘Hard To Beat’ through to final song ‘Every Step Of The Way’ you’ll be treated to the same energy, same driving rhythm and infectious beat, yet each song is different in its delivery. ‘Oh So Hard’ has that kind of wonderful, catchy intro that many established bands would fall over themselves to have created, and for me this track is, by far, the strongest on the EP. The heavy bass that runs through so dramatically in every track takes centre stage on this one with the drums from Ed pounding out their marching beat until the fuzzy heavy bass from Fred thunders to life and the killer riffs from Jamie slide into the mix.

Gold Phoenix have littered their 21 minute EP with a bluesy, fuzzy, groove that smoulders through the speakers and demands that you pay attention. ‘Black Bullet’ has a powerful intro; the kind that I imagine will get the room reaching boiling point at any live show. ‘Hard To Beat’ is the feel good track, and ‘Hot ‘n’ Cold’ is the groove monster that gets those hips swaying and swaggering. The blues infused style works so well and Gold Phoenix have certainly outdone themselves with this EP.

Final track ‘Every Step Of The Way’ brings the groove down to the ground even further; giving you that final appealing song to rope you back into listening to the EP all over again. And believe me, you’ll want to listen all over again, one play through won’t be enough for the true rock ‘n’ roll fans out there.

Gold Phoenix are:
Jamie - Vocals / Guitar
Fred - Bass

Ed - Drums

You can find out what they’re up to on the following links:

Hard To Beat

Black Bullet

Oh So Hard

Hot ‘n’ Cold
Every Step Of The Way


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