GOLDBIRDS - Higher Than Love (Single)



Sometimes you come across a song that instantly grabs your attention and the more you listen, the more you love about it. ‘Higher Than Love’ is that song for me this week. The upbeat, catchy track from Brighton based trio Goldbirds is going to worm its way into your brain and take up a permanent residence there.


Goldbirds appear to have gone through a few line-up changes since their inception in 2015 but with this new single released on Dead Rabbit Recording Label on the 9th February 2018, I’ve no doubt that they’ve found their sound with the remaining band members who provide a satisfyingly cohesive sound. The combination of the keys intro from Hils Granger, the entrance of the drums from Dan Roth and those oh so raspy vocals and solid guitars from Si Connelly are going to offer you a wonderful package of alt-rock with a smidgen of pop to really keep you hooked in for the whole track.


Connelly displays a varied vocal range throughout the track, the hooks are perfectly placed, the bridge setting up the chorus flawlessly and, although there’s only 3 in the band they certainly deliver a very full sound, a sound that I would say reminds me of a modern day Fleetwood Mac. And I love Fleetwood Mac.


The lyrics are snappy with an instant appeal that will have you singing along by the second run through. The dips and rise in tempo will keep you engaged and tapping your feet along to the rhythm while the beat will have you shaking what your momma gave you without any doubt at all.


Loved this track immensely which spurred me on to listen to their other tracks. Thank heavens for Spotify. I suggest you do the same, you might just find a new guilty pleasure.


Goldbirds are:

Si Connelly - Vocals & Guitars

Hils Granger - Vocals & Keys

Dan Roth - Drums


To find out more from the band check out their links:



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