Goodbye June - Danger In The Morning EP

David Lydiard


Goodbye June is a rock band from Nashville, TN comprised of three cousins, Landon Milbourn (lead vocals), Brandon Qualkenbush (rhythm guitar, backing vocals) and Tyler Baker (lead guitar) and they create blues-infused rock music with hard-driving beats, blistering guitars and dirty vocals.


This EP opens with “Oh No,” a track that blends the best of rock, country and folk, and a great showcase for Milbourns incredible voice. He sounds positively unhinged as he ferociously howls his way through this real solid rock and roll song. It’s a great way to kick off the EP and it is a track that immediately demands your attention.


“Daisy” is next and brings to mind Kings of Leon musically and The Gaslight Anthem vocally. Once again Landon Milbourn is on top form, this time his voice sounding more soulful, showing that he can do it all as he adds in falsetto on the choruses. With an intriguing lyric talking about how that one lady can drive you crazy, it is an anthemic song and one that won them the Unsigned Only music competition back in 2014.


Goodbye June oozes confidence when they go into “Man of The Moment” a powerful, muscular rock song. More big hooks, bigger choruses and more crazed howling from Mr Milbourn. There is a Led Zep vibe contained within this one. It’s pure, it’s raw and it’s so good.


“Darlin” is a poignant ballad with a sense of heartache gently delivered by Landon’s soft, soulful vocal. The guitar tones that are utilized bolster the sadness and whilst this is a slower song than I’ve been used to, it shows off the bands dynamics really well. The instruments kick into gear in the final minute with the gritty riffs and heavy percussion adding more weight to the song. When the chorus is sung for the final time there is an anger replacing the ponderous tones of the previous ones. It is a fantastic song from start to finish.


The EP comes to a close with the title track. It’s an impeccably written blues-rock song, with a huge, guitar-filled chorus and a great hook. The banjo adds an extra dimension to the band’s sound, showcasing their Southern and Midwestern roots and the song itself gets more and more layered as it continues forward.


Danger In The Morning is an EP that demands repeated listens and what Goodbye June have done is craft 5 songs that sets them apart from the competition. There are familiar elements contained within but mixed with something different enough to warrant you taking the time to give them a listen.


They will be releasing their full length, Magic Valley on May 5th and if this is anything to go by, then we are in for a treat of epic proportions.


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