GRAVEYARD - Peace (Album)



The test of a really proper band is how quickly you can spot them. When David Gilmour or Mark Knopfler play a single note, you know exactly who you’re listening to, though bands with a similar effect are few and far between in the modern day. From the first millisecond of this record, it’s Graveyard. Swedish as meatballs, theirs is the sound of confident, strident bluesy doom of the oldest school, and while many bands need to worry about being compared to their contemporaries, Graveyard need only worry about being compared to their previous works. Such is the case with Peace.


The old touchstones of Pentagram and Sir Lord Baltimore are still in effect, in league with the likes of May Blitz, but Graveyard have been doing things their way for long enough that these comparisons are for information purposes only. Irrespective of an individual’s interest in quality retro-fied rock, Peace is a record delivered with commitment, understanding and panache with very little fat, and room given to a broad pallet of moods and styles.


Tracks like ‘Walk On’ are almost unbearably Scandinavian, and although the drums as a whole are slightly buried in the mix, it’s not inconceivable for the uninitiated to believe that this record might have been recorded some time prior to the present day. The delicate, elegant ‘See The Day’ shows a band who don’t need to muscle the listener with riffs to deliver a righteous record, something brought gently home by ‘Del Manic’s borderline waltz.


That being said, if you’re up for the hairier side of life there’s plenty on here. ‘Please Don’t’, ‘Cold Love’ and opener ‘It Ain’t Over Yet’ are here to give your van speakers a good hearty shake, and closing the album out with a track as jubilant as ‘Low (I Wouldn’t Mind)’ is a dandy idea. Full of shake, shimmy and jiggle, this final number is rich and varied, providing a fitting end to an album that’s not afraid to give it’s songs room to breathe.


Graveyard have consistently created records of high quality, and although there’s a couple of more plain-sailing numbers on here, the flair with which this band perform their material means that if you want a seriously good record to accompany you on a long drive somewhere, you’d be hard pushed to top this right now, particularly if you’re heading for the desert. Well-written and carefully deployed, you need some Peace, so get it. Wicked.


Graveyard are:

Joakim Nilsson – Guitar & Vocals

Jonathan Ramm – Guitar

Truls Mörck – Bass

Oskar Bergenheim - Drums



It Ain’t Over Yet

Cold Love

See The Day

Please Don’t

The Fox

Walk On

Del Manic

Bird Of Paradise

Low (I Wouldn’t Mind)

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