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Greybeards release their second album ‘For The Wilder Minds’ on 4th May, and hit the road to promote it supporting fellow countrymen Bonafide, on a fourteen date tour of Scotland, Wales and England. With some comparisons to The Foo Fighters, Greybeards have a good solid guitar based rock sound that will no doubt attract many new fans that make the effort to turn up to early doors at what should be a great chance to see these two Swedish rock bands up close in smaller venues.


Kicking off the album with the single ‘Fast Asleep’, there is a definite homage to the Foo’s double guitar riff, and hard ‘n heavy drum intro, before the distinctive vocals of Olle Westlund turn this into a soon to be Greybeards classic.


With my ears still ringing, ‘One in a Billion’ gently takes us into the next track, before giving us a powerhouse sing-a-long chorus reminiscent of those masters of stadium anthems, The Scorpions, you couldn’t ask for a more uplifting start to an album, with the band laying out their credentials early on and setting the bar high for what’s to follow.


In fact, if Dave Grohl, and Klaus Meine ever did a collaboration, it would probably sound a bit like ‘Come Undone’. Westlund talks us into the next track, which metamorphosis’s into a melodic rock classic, counter balanced by some heavy metal screams. Thankfully, the comparisons end when ‘Insane’ lets the Greybeards show they are quite capable of firing out their own distinctive guitar riffs, overlaid with a voice made for rock, and supported by backing vocals that pull the whole song together to produce yet another head banging, no nonsense, rock powerhouse tune.


The melodic rock theme continues into ‘Beautiful Things’ with a chorus that could easily be used as a backing track for motor adverts. Imagine a sleek coupe cruising round the mountain roads of Scandinavia with the repeating lyric just telling us to “Carry on, carry on...” driving into the midnight sun.


The rebel rousing ‘Free’ urges us to stand up and be counted, shake off your shackles and make the world a better place. Niklas Nironen must have gone through a few sets of sticks recording this one, as the drum beat is relentless and powerful enough to grab anyone’s attention. If this doesn’t wake the UK up to Swedish rock, then we’re at risk of slipping into a coma. The hard driving drum beat continues almost seamlessly into ‘You Struck Me’, but this time the vocals are even stronger, and full of easy hooks to encourage some fist pumping, foot stomping, audience participation.


After surviving the recent ‘beast from the east’, the last thing I wanted was to be reminded of was a ‘Cold December’, but here comes another awesome powerful chorus to warm the cockles, the likes of which I haven’t heard since Linkin Park’s ‘In The End’. The only thing missing is a strong stand out guitar solo, blink and you’ll miss it, as it blends in a bit too much with the backing melody.


The Greybeards aren’t afraid to mix things up a bit, and even throw a bit of orchestral strings into ‘Peace of Mind’ to create the closest they can come to a ballad. But instead of heartbreak following a breakup, this is a mind clearing, emotional cleansing of the soul. The violins blend in effortlessly with the rhythm guitars to produce a smooth well produced classic.


Rounding off the album is the rocking finale ‘The Nerve’ where everyone chips in with what sounds like it’s written for a stage encore. Finally we get a clear strong guitar solo that’s not afraid to stand out from the rest of the bands powerful contribution. The drums get a final battering as the decibels rise to finish off the whole thing on a high note. All that’s missing is a “Thank you and goodnight!”


This has been a well written and well produced album that will appeal to classic rock fans the world over, and if this is what’s coming out of Sweden, perhaps we should all pay them a visit.


Greybeards new album 'For The Wilder Minds' is out 4th May 2018 via Attitude Recordings.



Fast Asleep
One in a Billion
Come Undone
Beautiful Things
You Struck Me

Cold December
Peace Of Mind
The Nerve


Greybeards are: 
Olle Westlund - Vocals, guitar
Ingemar Mårtensson - Guitar
Simon Mojtahedi - Bass
Niklas Nironen - Drums


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