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GREYHAVEN are an alt-rock band from London who have just released their latest EP, 'Breathe', via Outsider Records. The band describe themselves as "dispatch(ing) colossal riffs, hooky refrains, and deliver(ing) energetic performance", so much so that they have earned a good reputation and critical acclaim. The band’s debut EP, 'The Flood', saw them build a devoted London-area fanbase, and with their next EP, 'State Of Mind', GREYHAVEN really started to take off. The band have toured the UK extensively and released three well-received videos, all of which gained them attention from Scuzz TV and Kerrang, as well as a coveted slot on Metal Hammer’s front cover CD. Videos for 'Truth' and 'Breathe' have been released so far from this new EP.


The EP is off to an explosive start with 'Truth' - an intricate blend of angst-filled harmonies, a deep and earthy bass, dark and brooding drums and sinewy guitar work. There is a very slight hint of Linkin Park, if they did a lighter alt-rock/pop song, and overall the track is as enjoyable as it is melancholic. This is a song which could become the sound track of tempestuous teenagers across the country. A very nice start! 6/10


'When We Divide' gives a clearer idea of the vocal talents of Peterson, who conveys emotions and attitude with a seemingly unyielding energy. This is another high-drama track - "She doesn't understand why her mother cries alone at night" - which is charismatic and compelling. A breathy, emotionally-charged vocal is accompanied by haunting riffs and delicious melodies. 7/10


'Crows' is a nu-metal style track with hardcore backing vocals - not quite thrash metal but with a subtle hint of Megadeath about it. We hear the introduction of twinkling keys, which adds another dynamic to what is a thoroughly bangin’ song. This track manages to be raw yet polished, for me this is some of their best and more original work. The fade out is beautifully ghostly and celestial. 8/10


The title track, 'Breathe', is perhaps the most mainstream-sounding, pop with a little alt-rock flair, no heavy guitars or thundersome drums. For some reason, I'm reminded of that East 17 Christmas song that wasn’t even about Christmas. Once the track gets going, Peterson's unconventional and melodic tone seeps back in and it catches my attention once again. Apparently this song is about the first time they played live, so it obviously has a great deal of meaning for the remaining original members of the band. This comes through as the tempo lifts and the instruments all crash in from about 1:20 - this is when the song comes alive for me with emotion, passion, and energy. It is incredibly memorable (almost annoyingly so), well-crafted and well-written but it's a little more pop-like than my usual tastes. 7/10


The EP is a richly-textured and well produced, and each track warrants its place. We see a different side to the band with different tracks; divergent influences, all tied together with abundant melodies and memorable riffs. This isn't the best EP I've ever heard, nor the most original, but it's entertaining from start to finish and shows great potential.





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Sam Paterson - Vocals

Alex Hills - Guitar

Adam Sutherland - Guitar

Connor Tate - Drums

Jack Hudson - Bass/Vocals




When We Divide




LABEL: Outsider Records


FOR FANS OF: 30 Seconds To Mars, Don Broco and Bring Me The Horizon



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