Halflives - 'Empty Rooms'

Lindsay Smith-Boam


This five piece band from Modena, Italy have just released their first album ‘Empty Rooms’, described as falling into the pop rock genre, they definitely err on the lighter side with a fair amount of electronics thrown in to the mix.


The band consist of Linda Battilani on vocals, Enrico Bertoni, guitar & vocals, Matt Mantovani, guitar, Oscar Scantamburlo, bass and Fede Bernardi on drums and they have delivered a pretty decent first album.


‘Lone Wolf’ opens the door to the album with electro beats, melodic vocals and an up-tempo vibe, guitars and drums breaking through giving the track some body.

‘Burn’ has a catchy vocal and is probably the most commercial track on the album – an electro feel which would not be out of place on mainstream radio and the lighter music channels. 

‘Mayday’ continues in the same vein, some good riffs, very upbeat and has a good lyric. 

‘Echo’ has me listening hard – more emotional lyrics and one of those chorus’s that keeps going round and round your head well after the track finishes.  

‘The Sickness’ – I hear guitar riffs breaking through and has the potential to be a good live track – nice bass filtering through and drums holding up the track.  Linda’s vocal is strong and has more emotional depth in this song. 

‘Half Alive’ – fast paced, great guitars with some really nice, grittier riffs it’s a track you want to get up and bop around to.

‘Empty Rooms’ adds another strong track to the album, Linda’s vocal performance on this one is probably the best on the album – I’m still bopping around the kitchen – my favourite track on the album. 

‘Collide’ – lovely opening guitars this one will be another cracking live track.


The song-writing throughout the album is good – varied  passions and emotions in the lyrics, catchy tunes, a tight band - however if I was to be picky,  I feel some of the tracks are slightly over-run by all the electronics which on one hand give the band some uniqueness in the market and the double tracking on Linda’s vocal does enhance some of the tracks…. but it does also make a couple of the tracks sound a little ‘samey’ and almost crosses the territory into euro pop, slightly reminiscent of t.a.T.U (of ‘All the Things She Said Fame).  The band have ability and talent - that is clear and I want to hear it more, there is always room to add in some more soaring riffs (can there ever be enough?).


The band are embarking on a tour supporting Courage My Love around Europe and the UK.  Go and see them - based on this album I’m sure it will translate to a great performance.


This band will be one to watch – and listen to…


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