HEADLINE MANIAC - Why Should I Care? (Single)



Rock Blues with a punk twist never sounded as good as it does when Headline Maniac deliver their infectiously catchy melodic rock songs, and their new single offering ‘Why Should I Care?’ is no exception.

Formed in 2016 after touring the world with Eddie & The Hot Rods, Headline Maniac stepped into the recording studio and emerged with their self titled debut album, which still today receives widespread acclaim for its catchy blues rhythms (albeit slightly heavier than the usual blues sound), solid rock and punk foundations that give the album a nice rough edge. The new single ‘Why Should I Care?’ retains the same Blues rock with a twist of punk and is due for release in April 2018.

‘Why Should I Care?’ has those fuzzy guitar licks and riffs throughout the track, the bass and drums holding up the rhythm section nicely, providing the solid foundation to which the rest of the track is built upon. Ian ‘Dipster’ Dean’s vocals are raspy and solid, the tone of the track is upbeat and infectious delivering quality blues punk style rock n roll. A perfect bite size treat!


Check it out, it’s a great single.

Headline Maniac are:
Ian ‘Dipster’ Dean - Vocals / Bass

Simon Bowley - Drums / Vocals

Chris Taylor - Guitar / Vocals

Jack Hobbs - Keys / Guitar


To find out more about Headline Maniac check out the following links:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/headlinemaniac/

Website: https://www.headlinemaniac.com/

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