HELL'S GAZELLES - Take Your Medicine (EP)



Oxford's HELL'S GAZELLES describe themselves as "a young, passionate Hard Rock act determined to make our mark". They are known for fierce, energetic live shows and big riffs accompanied by hard and heavy vocals. Back in 2015, the band won their local  'Metal 2 the Masses' competition, earning them a spot at Bloodstock Open Air 2015, and in 2016 they came second at the HRH Highway to Hell national final in Sheffield, gaining them a spot at HRH Ibiza.


They follow up their award-winning debut EP with a second EP, 'Take Your Medicine' which is released on 27th July 2018. The band have self-released the EP and it was recorded and produced by Chris D’Adda (Wayward Sons) at Vale Studios and mixed/mastered by Neil Kennedy (Creeper).


'Give Me Something' opens with a chunky riff and ear-piercing scream. The riffs weave throughout the song accompanied by pounding drums and a fast-paced high-pitched vocal. If bad language offends you, you won't like this track as there is a little "yippee ki a" and "see you next Tuesday" going on in this uncompromising balls-to-the-wall rocker.


'Stone Cold' starts with an angry guitar and drum moving quickly into a more melodic instrumental, with high-pitched vocals again, chaperoned by a funky drum and bass. This track has kick-ass attitude and is catchy as fuck, lingering around for hours.


'Out Of Time' is slower and with more focus on melodic, a well-crafted track with a deep growling bass and deeper, sexier vocals. This track has deep pockets and is more than the sum of its parts, the melodies and riffs soaring throughout, and Bryant's vocal performance is hypnotising.


'Take Your Medicine' is a singalong classic rock song, more Bon Jovi than Judas Priest, familiar yet fresh and bursting with energy. There are more vocal acrobatics alongside tasty guitars in a fun-filled rock track with a slice of extra attitude on the side.


The closing track, 'She Devil', is my stand-out track - a catchy repetitive riff, a beast of a drum beat and a ‘70s flavour which really gets me moving. This EP is filled with their best, most satisfying music to date, and this is my anthem. My air guitar is getting some hammering and I'm playing a little drums too.


This is an immense second EP, compelling and forceful. I saw these guys at HRH in 2016 and to be completely honest they didn’t blow me away at that time. I'm happy to report, however, that this second EP does. Bryant has a voice which lends itself to metal screams as well as melodic classic rock, agile and nimble as a gymnast. Digman offers a range of hooks and riffage, and the rhythm section, Ridemark on bass and Evans on drums, is impressive.


Give Me Something
Stone Cold
Out Of Time
Take Your Medicine
She Devil


Cole Bryant - vocals
Nath Digman - guitar
Rikard Ridemark - bass
Luke Evans - drums



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