HUXTABLE - Change Shape Future (EP)

Samantha Lloyd


‘Change Shape Future’ is the new EP from Huxtable due for release on the 29th September, 2017.


Hailing from Kilmarnock in Scotland, the duo of Jordan Yates (vocals/guitar) and Marc William Brown (drums/harmonies) have really put together a punchy, hook laden, riffy-rock EP that hits all the right spots. Don’t underestimate these guys, yes there are only 2 of them but they have a great sound, depth and versatility... and did I mention a kazoo? Sounds unusual but it works, trust me!


The EP features 5 tracks spanning almost 15 minutes. The first track is ‘Don’t do Anything Fancy’; a hook driven roaring track with an aggressive heavy feel to it and a shouty chorus that just gets up in your face and demands attention! But then out of the blue a very cheeky kazoo starts buzzing away exuding a tune that is rather catchy... unusual but I like it! 


‘Super Toxic’ is a rapidly fierce track that sounds more punk rock with lively, repetitive vocals. When the chorus kicks in it throws you around and around before building to a climax and then comes to an abrupt end. I guess that’s how my clothes feel on a spin cycle! Definitely a track to get you bouncing round to and make you ‘Lift your weary head from your hands’!


‘You Got it to Go’ is catchy and has the same repetition of the title that really sticks in your head and I can’t help singing along to it. ‘Break it Hard’ hits hard to begin, slows down a little, and then punches back into a disciplined drum beat that has you snapping your head up. ‘Act of War’ is another track that will have you bouncing around the house or rocking away in the car. ‘Change Shape Future’ is a great EP, full of roaring riffy-rock and booming drums. Huxtable kick off their tour with a launch night at King Tut’s in Glasgow on Friday 29th September, 2017.


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