I Saw The World Burn - Barren EP

Lindsay Smith-Boam


I Saw the World Burn are a four piece from Stoke on Trent and their EP, Barren’ sees the band’s ferocity blossom and go further than their first EP.   – full on crunching guitar grooves and Katie Cairns' throaty growling ensure the tracks move at a breath-taking pace.


‘Nullify’ is an uncompromising heavy track – aggressive drumming and hard guitaring which then breaks into a surprising alternative direction, lightening the vocal and showing off Katie’s range with more melodic singing but then we are back to that heaviness – full on drumming from Graeme Williams all the way to the close.


‘Species Obsolete’ has received extensive airplay particularly on SCUZZ and guitarist Ian Deaville shows his great ability here with some great riffs and runs.  Put that together with the thudding rhythmic bass line from Don Jackson-Wyatt and we get a rip roaring sound throughout the track. More dimension to Katie’s vocal, which is at times almost melodic, make the track come alive and stand out from the others on the EP.


‘Consensus’ brings another dimension to the whole band – slower but equally dark and threatening.  A good track from a band who have developed their own style.


Katie’s voice fascinates me with its dark growling and melodic shades, more of which I would like to hear, it shows that women do have a place in metal and this band have a future…


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