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Melodic AOR I hear you say? Yes, that’s what we have in the shape of a newly formed Iconic Eye with Jane Gould taking the reins and leading this quintet forward. With the departure of lead vocalist Tim Dawes it’s good to see a transformation in the band. Trust me it’s for the better! The flat lifeless unemotional songs of the past come to life when placed in the hands of Jane Gould who knows how to inject her own twist of vocal prowess into Iconic Eye.


Hailing from Wolverhampton Iconic Eye are Jane Gould on lead vocals, Robin Mitchard on lead guitar, Greg Dean on the rhythm guitar and keys, Adrian Scattergood on the drums, and Michael Dagnall on the bass guitar. Together they form the new and improved Iconic Eye, and ‘Into the Light’ is the first album they have compiled together.


Due for release on the 4th November 2017, Iconic Eye have put together an album filled with hooks, grooves and awesome riffs that will have you bopping and tapping your feet from the first track. ‘Am I the One’ is up first, a fast paced track that has a kind of Bond theme feel to the intro. ‘You Make it’ will have you moving your ass, the rhythm is progressive and energetic and I just can’t seem to sit still while it’s on. ‘Those Tears Won’t Last’ has an infectious rhythm with a fast pace and great vocals from Gould. The verse build nicely into the chorus, the bridge is full and complementary. Mitchard delivers some squealies and fierce riffs. Great track!


‘Let it Rain Down’ is a mid tempo track with a slower start that soon kicks into a soft rock track as the beat picks up and the drums kick in. There’s a deep tone to the song that oozes maturity while Gould’s gentle vocals are fulfilling, which suits the instruments perfectly. Her voice was made for a song like this. ‘Black Country Lady’ slows us down even more and we slide into a country style ballad with light keyboards and soft vocals. The verse and bridge are soft and lead into a beautifully emotional chorus, then as we near the end we are treated to a solo from Mitchard that is propels the song forward, carrying the vocals and the emotion from the track to a new level before easing back down to conclude.


 We dial it up a notch for the next track ‘Better Place’ as we slide into a mid-tempo track with clear strong vocals and a catchy repetition of the title ‘Better Place’ that will stick in your head and have you singing it long after the song has finished. Next is ‘Black Heart’ and it’s probably my favourite track on the album as I really like the keyboard intro and the powerful vocals from Gould. The transitions within the song are smooth and the harmonised chorus is hugely satisfying, ‘Black Heart, torn apart’, and the riffs that follow really give the song a boost. ‘All She Needed’ is a good song, rich in vocals and harmonies and a great rhythm to take you through a well written track.


‘Thanks For The Memories’ has another toe tapping infectious rhythm with more dynamic riffs from Dean and Mitchard, hard hitting drums from Scattergood and the deep brooding bass from Dagnall giving the track more depth. I’d be hard pressed to choose a favourite between ‘Thanks for the Memories’ and ‘Black Heart’... I’m just going to say I like them both! ‘Don’t Stop Me From Leaving’ possesses my favourite intro of the album while the body of the song has a muscular, brooding feel to it with a plaintive, woeful core. ‘Never Get Through the Night’ is the final track on the album. It has a classic, heavy riff opener, the same strong and searing vocals from Gould. It’s fast paced, progressive, energetic and a great song to end the album, with its huge choruses and huge brutally intricate riffs from Mitchard that are going to be awesome on the stage!


A really sumptuous, infectious melodic AOR album that will have you bopping around and singing the catchy choruses over and over again!


Track Listing

Am I the One

You Make It

Those Tears Won’t Last

Let it Rain Down

Black Country Lady

Better Place

Black Heart

All She Needed

Thanks for the Memories

Don’t Stop me from Leaving

Never Get Through the Night


Catch up with Iconic Eye at:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iconic.eye.music/

Website: http://www.iconiceyemusic.com/index/




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